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Yak Spirit Animal Totem Meaning: A Sign Of Survival And Wisdom

Yak Spirit Animal: Symbolism And Meaning

The animals of spirit and totem have been a major part of many ancient cultures. It is believed that animals have a closer connection to the spiritual world. Therefore we can learn important lessons for our life from them. The Yak Spirit Animal serves as a protector, counselor, guide, and teacher throughout our lives or for a certain period.


The natural habitat of Yaks is the Tibetan plateau. These animals are strongly built, with a big frame, sturdy legs, and huge body mass to support them in the extreme conditions of high altitudes.  Their physiology has adapted to the cold and high altitudes, making them extremely durable.  Although they can survive in the harsh conditions of high mountains, they thrive in lower altitudes.


Of course, it is easier to find food there, but the yak is prepared to go through tough times. These animals are a big part of Tibetan culture- they have a major purpose in everyday life since no other animals are built for these extreme conditions.  They are widely celebrated during festivals. In Tibetan culture, the wild yaks are believed to be the stars in heaven and the safeguarding god.


Characteristics and Qualities Of The Yak

The yak has a symbolic meaning of ancient wisdom and the perception of a higher purpose in life. They can make a lot of sacrifices to reach their ultimate life goals and help others.

In the wild, yaks live in herds. The herds mostly consist of females and babies and just a few males. The rest of the males live separately in small groups. They can get aggressive if their youngsters are under attack, but mostly they just try to avoid contact with humans. This shows the slow and mature nature of this animal. As a totem, it can teach you a lot about the wisdom of taking your time. Some people might see you as a bit slow, but these opinions don´t particularly influence you.


On a more negative side, yak symbolizes resistance to change, self-doubt, and lack of emotional self-control.  People with this totem also possess stubbornness and determination and never take “no” for an answer. You are a hard and determined worker and will earn others’ respect this way. You are very certain in your opinions and do not compromise. Middle ground does not exist for yaks.  You gen get fired up in discussion when it concerns your core beliefs. By doing so, you might sometimes lose the people around you.

Yak Power Animal

The yak teaches that it is good to stand for your beliefs, but sometimes that can hurt your relationships. Self-doubt can lead you away from your mission. Trust your instincts and continue to have a strong stance through all that is coming your way. If your intuition tells you that some changes are not good for you, trust it and keep going your way. You might be threatened to lose something of importance to you, but remember that your totem will help you stand straight even in the worst of times.

The yaks always stand solid on the ground, and they are capable of surviving harsh conditions. If yak is your totem, you most likely hate change and try to avoid it. Routine and well-established rules make you most comfortable and let you steadily reach your goals. Working makes you comfortable, and you are not a slacker. In your professional life, your superiors enjoy working with you if your ultimate goals are the same.

It´s important to find the right balance of work and leisure in your life because you tend to overwork yourself and forget to live for the moment. You focus too much on your future goals and forget to enjoy the process of reaching them.  Yaks are usually quiet and thoughtful, but because of their stone-set beliefs, they can become very passionate in sharing their thoughts and trying to convince everyone of their truth.

Seeing Yak Totem In Your Dreams

If you see a Yak spirit animal in your dream, it signifies seriousness, personal strength, and a mighty force. It shows that your effort and restlessness are awarding. All your accomplishments are the results of personal effort.  On the other hand, if the yak is moving slowly in your dream, it might be a warning to take better care of your body. You have to have plenty of rest, exercise, and eat well to maintain your strength.

If yak is a domestic animal in your dream, it means you are on your way to achieving everything you want with a lot of tranquility. Do not stop. Lowly continue with what you are doing and ignore things that do not concern you. This might be a time to avoid people that might distract you for the sake of your current well-being.

If the yak is running in your dream, it tells you to listen to what others have to say- you might learn something new that you can use later in your life. Always be polite towards others. If this animal is running towards you, there is a long-distance traveling ahead of you.

If you dream you are a yak, it might represent feeling too big. You are bored with your current situation, and you don´t see the need to fight. With this feeling of mightiness, you may scare off bad people without even knowing it.  On the negative side, this might reflect a fear that nobody wants to know you and feelings of loneliness. In this case, reflect on your attitude towards others. The reason why you are feeling lonely might be that you are too harsh in your relationships.

Yak Spirit Animal: Conclusion

Because of the forceful and tough nature of the yak, you might not have a large group of friends. You tend to keep a small and close group, and the people in it are your true friends.  You will always protect your closest people in a very forceful way and always be loyal to them. Since it is so hard to change your opinions, you might experience trouble in your relationships. You have to learn how to compromise, although it might be really hard for you.

In proving your beliefs, you might even cross some social boundaries. People admire yaks, but it is hard to converse with them. You are not good at small talk, and it even doesn´t bother you. This is one of the reasons why you have such a small group of friends. Still, everyone knows that you are a dependable and trustworthy person.

Since you are a hard and determined worker, you will work restlessly to reach your goals. You don´t always need to be in charge, but you enjoy a certain level of freedom to make your own decisions. Indeed, a vibe of deeper wisdom always follows you. You love to be right in many aspects, and you possess the capability to see in the future.

You know that great things are ahead of you, and you restlessly go towards them. Being the boss might not suit you well, because of your lack of ability to compromise and restlessness towards work- you will expect that from other people too, but not everyone possesses your qualities.

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