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Six Of Wands: Know Your Capabilities And Utilize Them

Six Of Wands Meaning

Setting your priorities right is essential when you think of making a great impact on your life. Nothing will defeat you when you have the support of six of wands as your guide. It will show you important factors to consider when you want to experience abundance in your space. Keep in mind that your thoughts are the engine of all the activities that go soon in your line.

Additionally, expectations will build on a slightly positive way when you have the ability to change your life. But with six of wands reversed as your guard, you can be sure of arriving to get the right things into your space. Always show the right attitude as you merge on something on what will b lining for best awards. Do not think of losing enthusiasm for the kind of future you want to live.

Six Of Wands Upright

The card is an indication that you are doing the right things, and it’s the point to look for what il favor your expectations. To be successful means you have to go an extra space and achieve it. Always be supportive of good ideas that you are sure will bring change into your life. Dreaming big can be the green light to achieve a high level of success. Take advantage of any advance that appears on your line.

Also, six of wands love to showcase the true nature of strong love. You have to use your talent as well as skills to maintain your marriage and relationships. So, look into your future will a positive mind and abide by them. Strategies will work best when you have the linage of power to help you achieve the best results. Be happy as you make progress to the right path. Let your ambitions lead the way to prosperity.

Six Of Wands Yes Or No

It’s an indication that you are serving best your ambitions. So, you have to go overboard and look for something that will help you enrich your mind. You have to express good content that can be achievable and opens the right things in your life. Be ambitious and look for that good stuff that makes you enjoy every moment in your life. Be cautious not to also negative forces into your life.

Additionally, six of wands career is an imagination of growth into your professional life. So, you have to be considered on what you want to do if you place good results. Curiosity can help you release your full potential and be in your course of finding great life. Nothing spoils deter you from reaching the epic of your goals. Always look forward to situations that bring more love and joy into your life.

Six Of Wands On The Future

Being creative and innovative are the things that can help you in making your future so strong and admirable. You look at things from a realistic point of view, and this puts you on another level. So, be proud of your progress and never allow negative influences when you are making choices. Upright card and that for the future will increase your chance of survival in future. Of course, six of wands tarot guides will prove to be your companion drive you the meaning of cards. While six of wands tarot card will show important skills that can change your fortunes will appear.

Six of Wands Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Six of Wands indicates that one has passed through the challenges and confusion of the five of wands and has succeeded in reaching their goals. After so many challenges and perseverance, they have both been recognized for what they’ve done.

They have others rallying behind them for their future hopes and plans. Take a look at this Minor Arcana tarot card from the Rider Waite deck in detail.

Six of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


six of wandsThe Six of Wands in this position specifically references you have reached your goals and having them recognized. You may find yourself filled with confidence. The recognition of your peers may give you the ambition to drive forward into the future. It shows that you have all of your skills well in hand, know your capabilities, and utilize them and avoid being distracted by meaningless drivel.

Past Events:

You’ve recently passed a peak in the hilly road of your life. A successful venture is always full of hills and valleys, sometimes with each successive hill higher than the last, sometimes with deep valleys in between. Either way, you’ve passed the peak and are on a downward slope, but likely to build momentum towards the next climb!

Present Events:

It’s been a long hard climb, through struggles and frustration, conflict and obstacles, but here you are, standing at the summit. From this point, you can look back and see all the work you did to get here, from the beginning of your recent journey all the way to your present success. Looking forward it’s the beginning of another journey!

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Future Events:

Just ahead lies the recognition and success you’ve been seeking. Fear not, the challenges are already behind you, and the acclaim and rewards are just around the corner. Enjoy them, and start planning for the next stage of your journey!

Yes/No Interpretation:

The answer is a solid yes, and you have a good solid foundation for this yes.  Acting quickly to confirm this yes is important, as there is a new dip in the road coming, and time is of the essence.

Six of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


six of wands reversedWe often find ourselves overwhelmed by the challenges along our journey, and on the heels of that feeling comes self-doubt. It’s not surprising that as we face the struggles along the path to success that we can find ourselves beginning to wonder if we have what it takes in us. Lacking a support system, people to cheer us along, we can get into the habit of negative self-talk that devours our self-esteem and motivation.

Past Events:

Your personal energy has been wearing down on you over the past few months, and you just haven’t felt like the work you’ve been doing has been worth the effort. No successes or recognition of the successes you have had left you wondering if it’s all worth it. The sad truth is, it may not be, and it may be time to move on.

Present Events:

The current situation in which you find yourself is frustrating, and it may bear closer evaluation. You’re exhausted, worn down, and incredibly disheartened with the progress you’ve been making. You’ve been tripping over the progress you had planned for and simply not getting the recognition you wanted. It’s time to speak up and determine if the situation is worth saving.

Future Events:

Your current project isn’t going to bear fruit as you hope, not in the way you’re currently handling it. You’ve got too many irons in the fire, and it’s time to cut off excess details so you can make one of these turns outright. As it sits, if you keep working in too many directions, as you are right now, you won’t make any of them come to culmination, and only frustration will result. Clear out the chaff!

Yes/No Interpretation: 

No is not a problem, No is a guidance.  This is telling you that no is needed, is necessary.  Your exhaustion and the troubles of your situation need you to relax and settle.  Take the no, and prepare for the future.


Six wands signify the importance of aiming at the end goals and doing everything it takes to achieve success. So, you have to look for an opportunity that will change your life for good.

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