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The Importance Of Mirrors In Feng Shui

 The Importance Of Mirrors in Feng Shui

Have you reached the pinnacle of your Feng Shui game? Feng Shui benefits incorporating mirrors into your Feng Shui décor can greatly improve your productivity, health, and even luck! The direct translation of Feng Shui from Chinese is “wind and water,” and its practice greatly affects the natural flow of chi in the world. Let’s read about the influence of mirrors in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui originates from Chinese metaphysics and Taoism and the historical planning of ancient villages and building layouts due to nearby resource availability and weather conditions. Bringing more chi into your home, the placement techniques of Feng Shui can greatly affect your health and prosperity. So what can mirrors do for you?


Mirrors hold great power in the philosophy of FengShui The mirror represents a water element in Feng Shui, and as such, represents the calming, nurturing side of objects in your home.

As mirrors reflect other objects, they, therefore, hold the power to double the chi of the reflected items in your home. However, one must also be careful that ill-luck items are not reflected in mirrors, as this will conversely reflect bad luck and negative chi in your life.


Mirrors in Feng Shui

#1. Condition of Mirrors

Although any typical mirror shape is acceptable, such as a circular or rectangular mirror, the mirror’s condition will change its effects in a home. Mirrors must be kept clean at all times, as dirty mirrors will promote clouded fortune instead of beneficial chi. Similarly, broken or chipped mirrors should not be used.


Although mirror frames of gold or other high-quality materials are auspicious, mirrors with antiqued surfaces are inauspicious in their lack of clarity.

One should be sure that the chosen mirror is non-distorting, as this is inauspicious. Parents and guardians should be sure to include at least one mirror in the house in which their young children can view their entire figure. This will promote self-esteem and self-image as the child grows up.


Mirrors should always be placed in the East or Southeast.  These promote the areas of Health & Family, Abundance & Wealth, and Career respectively. By placing mirrors in these areas of your home, you can boost the accumulation of chi and positive energy and improve your quality of life.

Conversely, they should never be placed on the south side of a home, as this direction represents Fame and reputation. The South sides of the household fire energy; mirrors provide tranquil water energy.

Placements in this area can, therefore, extinguish the fame and reputation of the luck of inhabitants. So it is better to search for areas of mirror benefit away from the Southern side of your home.

There are a million areas in the home in which mirrors can greatly improve the quality of life. However, some areas are known for extremely auspicious results. Here are the options commonly cited as such.

#4. The Foyer

If your home opens into a small foyer or enclosed space, you may unknowingly be closing off incoming chi. This little space can be opened using mirrors to create a bigger space and promote the chi collection.

Be careful not to allow the mirror to reflect the entrance door itself, as this will allow chi to enter your home only to flow out again.

#5. The Kitchen

Although hazardous materials such as fire and stoves should not be reflected in any situation, a mirror is essential in one kitchen type.

If you or the designated chef of the home cooks with their back to the kitchen door, the inability to see behind him or herself is inauspicious. A mirror can be placed to fix this, provided the aforementioned hazards are never reflected.

#6. The Window

Placing a mirror that reflects any beautiful landscape around your home will bring positive energy and promote harmony in your life. However, translucent materials are preferred over completely transparent windows and glass doors.

#7. The Dining Room

So a mirror carefully placed to reflect a dining room table can promote overall prosperity. The reflection of food symbolizes abundance and is believed to even double food availability.

It is again important to ensure that the mirror does not reflect any entrances or exits, as this will deplete the chi in the room by providing extra exits. Although these locations can be extremely auspicious, countless others can be beneficial. , these locations are believed to be inauspicious placements of mirrors.

#8. The Bathroom

If it is necessary to have a mirror in the bathroom, it should never reflect the toilet or shower areas. It can also be covered when not in use. Among exercisers of Feng Shui, bathrooms are notoriously bad places for mirror placement, as they are believed to promote the “training but ” of chi.

Hence a popular placement of a mirror on the outside of a bathroom door to redirect chi from the bathroom drain.

#9. Parallel to Another Mirror

A mirror should never reflect another mirror. Although one mirror promotes the flow and reflow of chi, a bouncing reflection traps it and only promotes

Reflected mirrors also decrease respective images, further lessening the amount of chi and positive energy in your home.

#10. The T.V Room

Similar to a mirror, a TV screen reflects images when not in use. And there is a chance of reflection that would be beneficial. In the dark, reflection does not promote positive energy like a mirror.

#11. The Bedroom

A mirror in the bedroom can promote the flow of chi-however, this kind of energy is to keep at night. The reflection of particular body parts in the mirror during the night is also inauspicious creating health problems.

mirrors in feng shui

So the mirror in the bedroom should be covered at night. And the mirror will have powerful properties and abilities. Although there are countless beneficial ways to incorporate mirrors into your home, including some aforementioned techniques, there is one simple golden rule to follow.

But a mirror remains based on its ability to reflect what it “sees.” Therefore, in Feng Shui, it’s important to remember the mirror energy inauspicious objects. An excellent place to start is by placing a mirror to expand the appearance of smaller areas of your home. If you place these at a height you are also able to view your portrait.

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