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Seven Of Wands: Enjoy Every Bit Of Your Success

Seven Of Wands Meaning

Difficulties n life should be something that helps you make certain decisions that will impact your life positively. But you have to learn to appreciate any move you think is correct and help you achieve success. Think of making everything run as per your plan. So, the seven wands demand that you have fun on your side and keep it cool.

Besides, seven of wands reversed says you don’t have to focus on your mission rather be all through in your work. That will not keep you healthy. You have t do some exercise and keep working on what you are sure will be helping you accomplish your objectives. Success is quite clear, and you have to find your way up to the ladder.

Seven Of Wands Upright

It’s an indication that you have an opportunity to change everything in life that facts your progress. Nonetheless, it shows you are supposed to be ambitious and open to suggestions that work best for your life. So, be independent-minded and always do what is right for you. Life depends on good choices that will reflect on the end goal.

Besides, seven of wands love show the essence of marriage and relationships to your life. Hence, you have to learn to fight for the space that will accrue great success on your side. Never think of losing trust in what you do for a living. Success will be sweet when you work hard and focus on a wide perspective of things. So, being positive will help you in making progress.

Seven Of Wands Yes Or No

Once you have started to pursue your goals, the tarot card shows you the right signal, and you have to keep working on them. If you feel something is going in the right direction, that gives you the motivation to continue. But if it’s not working as per your plan, you have to do something extra to achieve it. Look for something that gives you the motive to move up.

Furthermore, seven of wands career leans more on working and witnessing progress in your life. Do not think of allowing negative forces. Always have the urge to pursue what is best for your growth in professional life. Think of making life interesting and having fun after your job. It inspires you to continue working on something that gives you direction.

On the other hand, the seven of wands tarot guide is helping you make the necessary steps in the right way. At the same time, seven of wands on the future pushes you to do something extra to find your mission. But tarot card will help you understand the need to work smart. Thus, it’s upon your mindset to help in ejecting forces that want to drag your abilities to something else.

Seven of Wands Meaning In A Tarot Reading

For its part in the Minor Arcana, the Seven of Wands represents one of the difficulties that often comes with success. Others are jealous of your success and want a part of what you have.

We often defend ourselves and our position once we have succeeded and proved that we have won it honestly. This is what this tarot card from the Minor Arcana implies.

Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


seven of wandsThere is a saying, “You can’t make everyone happy,” and this tarot card represents this in many ways. Once you’ve succeeded, once you finally made it to the top, you’re going to find other people who are desirous of what you’ve achieved. This is a tough and frustrating situation and will have you defending your position from those who would stand between you and further success.

Past Events:

After being recognized by people who supported you through your climb to the top, through the difficulties and challenges, you found yourself being set upon on all sides by those who were not pleased with your success. It’s been unpleasant, and you’ve been fighting to defend the legitimacy of your success; thankfully, that time has passed.

Present Events:

How frustrating! You are successful, you’ve enjoyed your time in the sun, and things were moving along well, and all you wanted to do was keep moving forward enjoying the success you earned, and now everyone is up and in your face about what you deserved or didn’t, what you earned or did not.

There may be those looking for what they feel was their piece of the pie, and you may be doubting whether they do, in fact, deserve it or not. Stand your ground, and this too shall pass.

Future Events:

Enjoy your current peaceful time and the success that you’re living in. Right around the corner, you’re going to be cornered by people or persons who feel they deserve a piece of it. It may be best that you keep your windfall quiet if it’s something others may not know about, if it’s unavoidable that others will know about it, secure evidence of your legitimate ownership of it, and stand your ground when they come to stand against you.

Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


seven of wands reversedToo much! Too much! Ever get up in the morning, take a look at your calendar, and the sheer weight of what you see on it makes you hide back under the covers again?

The Seven of Wands reversed represents this exact situation. Maybe you feel like you’re constantly under scrutiny or are being forced to compromise your position on too many occasions. If so, this tarot card in an inverted position may appear in your readings.

Past Events:

Your principles have been pricking your conscience lately. They’ve stood in the back of your mind as you’ve been forced to say, “We’ll stand for you later,” time and time again. With the Seven of Wands showing up in this position, it’s a call that your current situations are a result of these past behaviors, and it’s time to stop.

Present Events:

Too many things, all over the place. Time to do this, time to do that, oh no, these things overlap! It’s time to clear your calendar, start to delegate out some tasks, and step back from obligations that are not your responsibility. Don’t let others place things on your plate that aren’t yours, and try to prioritize those things that you absolutely must take part in.

Future Events:

Enjoy this time of peace, my friend; it’s not going to last. Ahead of you is a time when you will have to make several difficult decisions, and those around you will judge you harshly for every single one, no matter which choices you make. At this point, all you can do is make the decision that’s best for your principles and let those who disagree, disagree.


Seven wands ignite the inner feelings that will be helping with wisdom and the need to go an extra step in machining anything you want. Hence, setting a target starts with the level of your thoughts. But seven of wands directs you to something you have to be enjoying and have fun. Success will be close when you feel the confidence of venturing into a new space is with you.

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