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7 Reasons You Are Not A Good Tarot Reader

Why You Are Not A Good Tarot Reader: Seven Reasons

Tarot Reading:

What is tarot reading? This is the use of tarot cards to get a clearer perspective on various aspects of life. A Querent is a name given to the client seeking tarot reading services from a tarot reader, the one asking and getting an interpretation of the tarot cards from a tarot reader. This name comes from the word query, meaning to ask.

The individual who has mastered the art of interpretation of the tarot cards is called a tarot reader.

To become a great tarot reader, you must be willing to assist the client seeking the services to get in touch with their higher beings using your tarot cards’ help.

Tarot cards are not used to fortune tell or predict the future. They assist you in coming to terms with what your inner self already knows.


Why people seek tarot reading services

Tarot reading helps meditate on your present and even the future. It gives you a glimpse into the future. Most people seek tarot reading services when in distress and during uncertainty in their lives. Most of the time, querents require clarity in various areas of their lives. Without clarity in life, you cease to live. That is why we all want a sense of direction. Tarot cards are a simple yet intense way to get this, with a tarot reader’s help.


When we have clarity in all aspects of our lives, we are more relaxed, and decision-making is made easier. You become more confident in the way you are yourself.

Tarot reading is a method of being in touch with your intuition. It helps you go past your emotional mess and helps you stop or avoid overthinking.

If you seek the services of a tarot reader who is professional and has immense expertise, you are bound to get a fresh at your later life and, thus a great sense of relaxation and comfort.


Types of tarot reading

  • Question reading; here, you focus on a particular question based on the life of the seeking the services. The specific question you choose to focus on acts as a guide to help in the decision-making process. The tarot reader in this method of tarot reading should focus on the querent. The tarot reader should be open-minded and not have a fixed mindset. Lastly, the tarot reader should positively ask the question, e.g., instead of asking why you don’t attract wealth, ask how you can attract wealth. If this is followed, the results are bound to be positive.
  • Open reading; this method addresses your life wholly. There is no guideline for this type of reading. You generalize everything. The tarot reader can tackle your whole life in just one session. This method is practiced mostly when the querent is getting into a new area of life. E.g., a new career, marriage, college.


 Why You Are Not A Good Tarot Reader

As human beings, we all live for excellence. We want to excel in all that we do. However, before we achieve that, we must fail severally and be willing to learn fromoure mistakes to master the art of excellence.

In a tarot reading, the same principle applies. All tarot readers want to be termed as good. However, failure is the only way to success. It would help if you failed before you succeed.

In this article, we will focus on what you are doing that is making you not succeed at tarot reading.


1. You are arrogant, self-centered, and egocentric. You value what entails you alone. Also, you do not care about the feelings of other people. With these attributes, your compassionate and vulnerable client will feel intimidated and uncared for, especially during this time of havoc in their life.


2. You are impatient and selfish. The client who seeks tarot reading services is nervous and very timid. This is because of the sensitivity of their topics. This will make them unstable and take time to be composed. Being impatient will lead you to end the session without being assertive and sensitive to the client in need of your tarot reading serviceThereforeeby all sessions are frightening and intimidating to the client. This will most definitely make you not be a good reader.

Poor Listener

3. You are a poor listener; not listening clearly to your querent will make you understand their point of view. You need to ask questions or repeat what they tell you to follow what they are saying and avoid misunderstandings. Instead, you are eager to demonstrate yotarot-readinging prowess. You end up overpowering your client with tarot jargon. This habit also hinders you from being a neutral party, i.e., seeing things from a neutral perspective. Without being neutral, you are not fair and push your way to clients instead of offering your guidance. This lack of compassion and gentleness hinders you from pavingways for your clients’ needs.

NoIn-depthh Knowledge

4. You only have basic knowledge of your cards. To be a good tarot reader, you must have a great understanding of your cards. This lack of expertise in your cards can be brought about by not practicing your reading regularly. You can read to friends and family to gain adequate knowledge with your cards. To earn the title of a good tarot reader, you must keep improving your knowledge of the cards daily. Practice practice is the only way of mastery.

Bad Communication

5. You are not a key communicator. This will hinder your interactions with people, hence making your tarot reading skill poor. Tarot reading it’s all about communication and interaction. Therefore, you must have the know-howto passg a message. It must be in a manner that will not be misunderstood. Your language must be unambiguous and precise. Tarot jargon should not be used in excess; this is to prevent the querent from being overpowered.

Low Confidence

6. You lack confidence in your tarot reading art. Learn to trust your gut feeling, also known as intuition. You can only be bold enough to trust your intuition if you practice your tarot reading more. The more you engage in people’s experience with your reading, the more you develop your intuition, therefore, enhancing your confidence.

tarot reader

Keeping a tarot reading journal will also earn you the perks of confidence. A journal will enable you to bond with your cards. Thus, you will understand the powerful meaning of cards easily. It enables you to memorize the cards, and they become part of your being. With this journal, you get to document the experiences, and you have your archive of cards and different meanings.

Unfriendly Environment

7. Your reading environment is not friendly and conducive. The place you chose to do the tarot reading from must have a relaxing atmosphere. This is beneficial to you, the reader because it enables you to be relaxed and very open-minded. To the client seeking the services, their sessions are significant and very In a friendly atmosphere, the querent can be relaxed gaining more confidence in their tarot skills. The querent also treats you with respect because you create a good first impression. A great environment also hinders distraction because of the quiet, peace, and tranquility the environment offers.

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