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Queen of Wands Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Queen of Wands tarot card is bright and warm, like all her brethren she is determined and will not be deterred from that which she’s set her mind to. Her enthusiasm is hard to contain, and can be infectious to those around her.

As is befitting her station, she is prone to gathering those about her who can benefit her task and leading them forward. She has her own mysteries, and like all those driven by ambition, has her dark side, often revealed only to those who know how to look, or when it’s far too late. Charisma is a dangerous thing.

Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


queen of wands

The Queen of Wands does reign upon her throne, and woe be to those that challenge her. She is determined, and little will stand between her and her ultimate goals. This is especially potent in an individual like the Queen that is also fully capable of achieving it.

You will never find the Queen sitting idle, and those around her will find it hard to do so either. Her vision will carry others along with her, and her enthusiasm will drive them to follow her.

Past Events:

You’ve been a bit of a pied piper of late, center of your own little court, and all has been well in your cadre. You’ve been leading the way, encouraging them, driving them, and they are all infected with your drive. Everyone has been getting along fabulously, and you are in no small way to thank for this.

Present Events:

You’ve been called into the center court my dear! All are looking to you for guidance, are you going to pick up the scepter and lead? Just remember, you may love being the center of attention, and this will get you that, but don’t let that distract you from being a proper leader. You are not unstoppable, merely undeterrable!

Future Events:

Someone is about to pick up the torch. If things have seemed undirected and hopeless lately, or just very much unfocused in your projects, this is all about to change. There will be a leader who will arise and infect you all with their enthusiasm! Under their guidance, progress can finally be made!

Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


queen of wands reversedThe problem with someone who is used to getting their way, is they aren’t always the best suited to lead. The Queen of Wands in her darkness is the manipulative, pushy, rotten, twisted little wretch who wants everyone to dance to her tune, and cares little how it affects morale. But make no mistake, it absolutely matters to her whether things get done, but it won’t be her fault if it won’t!

Past Events:

Shame on you your highness! Have you been abusing your subjects? Make no mistake, they are well aware of your shenanigans, and the gig is just about up! This kind of thing is often based from a loss of faith in self, and little will restore that except a contrite apology and an attempt to start anew and regain that faith in yourself, and the faith of your compatriots.

Present Events:

Someone in your current situation is manipulating things rather terribly, and it might be you. It’s time to stop and take stock, and find a way to either remove yourself from the situation, or if that person is you, find out why you’re treating your subjects the way you are. The vile manipulations taking place are impeding progress, and causing infighting, and it needs to stop.

Future Events:

Watch out for the Queen, she cometh. She may already be among you, and beginning her plan to do a coup to take control of the group you’re in. Her movements will be subtle at first, making her seem like the ideal leader, and likely undermining the one who is currently the centerpiece. She lusts for the limelight, and she will have it, whatever the costs.

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