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King Of Wands: Pursuing Your Goals

King Of Wands Meaning

When you don’t have something that pushes you to wake up early and do some extra work, you are doomed to fail in life. You have to squeeze the power and energy you have and get yourself to reward what you deserve after working hard Though the king of wands reversed says you are not putting the right attitude into your work. But having the idea of the king of wands as your wonderful companion, everything will start flowing smoothly, and you achieve the objective.

Additionally, the king of wands upright indicates doing something important; you struggle to make the right ends. Once you discover your routine is working and when you project, it gives you the right mindset to continue your struggles. Nonetheless, you have to be visionary and think of your life from an angle spreading your thoughts well. So, live a consistent life that helps you know good intentions in your circle of work.

King Of Wands Love

A good relationship guarantees to find a great time to pursue anything that you want in life. So, being romantic and taking care of your family is the norm that you have to embrace. Consider yourself successful as you imagine good things in the installation of your turns. Do not think of running away from what you know will bring benefits to your future. A loving environment can be the source of high performance and happiness at your workplace.

The king wands career asks of high consideration of life. Pursuing your purpose in your line comes with an intense level of pressure from your professional life. But you have to enjoy what you do as you imagine good things that can help you in your career. Put more energy and power into your work, and you will get results that will amuse you. High-level thinking is something that allows you to imagine encouraging things in your life.

King Of Wands Yes Or No

Getting your goals right are the things that can help you in getting good results. Hence, if it’s working and giving you satisfaction, you must continue on the same path and achieve great things. Besides, the King of Wands tarot guide will explain on importance of working in line with your goals. It acts as a motivating factor and source of ideas. Visions can drive your inner power in such a way that they extract the vibe that you need to affirm strong support.

Moreover, the king wands, meaning emphasizes working hard in everything that you do. Life has ups and downs and when you think of giving up, it extorts you completely. Also, the king of wands tarot suggests pursuing important purposes in changing your mindset to be pure and loading on the right results. However, the king of wands on the future ignites the need to have a great life through hard work. That is why the king of wands symbol gives you the green light on what you are supposed to do to reach your goals.

King of Wands Meaning In A Tarot Reading

See there, upon his throne, this King of Wands among the Minor Arcana. Additionally, he holds the staff that is his scepter of office, watching over his great project.

He is a visionary, a man of deeply held conviction and honor, and a dauntless pursuer of his goals. Also, he gets things done and leads those who would see things get done with a natural-born charisma. Find out more about this tarot card!

King of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


king of wandsThe King of Wands is the one who will get things done. If you have an idea you wish to bring to fruition, place it in the capable hands of this King. He will bring those together to work for him, taking advantage of his ability to draw others to him to find those capable. His respectful demeanor and depthless compassion reach out to drive others to bring about his dreams and ambitions.

Past Events:

You have been driven with a singular purpose. Having taken a project in hand, you have been guiding it with a strong and fair hand and inspiring those around you to work with you. Please keep your eyes focused, and don’t let it get to your head, and the project will continue to prosper on its way to completion.

Present Events:

In your hand lay the stave, before you the proposal, will you take it up? Fear not; if you decide to pursue this task, those around you will rally to your cause and assist you in bringing it to fruition. Now is the moment of your opportunity; take it! You are being asked to lead, and the task presented to you is a worthy one.

Future Events:

Your project is waiting for a leader, and he is coming. You will know them when they arrive; they will have a calm demeanor and skills to get things. Do not look for the vibrancy of the Knight or the charisma of the Queen. It is the steady, thoughtful gaze of the King that will signal you that your project leader has arrived.

Yes/No Interpretation:

Yes, you should.  This situation tells you that not only will it come to pass, but you are to be instrumental in making it so.  The King of Wands tells you that your wisdom, insight, and innovation will make this situation work to your advantage.

King of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


king of wands reversedThis is the King of Wands gone mad. Once representing the power of wisdom and guidance, his staff has now been turning to domination and the lash. His normally carefully thought-out decisions leave the path of wisdom and are driven by the madman’s ambition.

He wants to see things done; it no longer matters whether they are the right things. His goals are high, and woe is to those who stand between him and those lofty gates. The King has gone mad; all fear the King.

Past Events:

Check your hand, my King, does it hold the lash? Look upon your subjects, is there a fear in their eyes where once there was reverence? This is what happens when you have lost your purity of vision and have focused only on ‘getting things done. Your current predicament was born out of this madness; turn back while you still can.

Present Events:

Beware your status, sire; beware your drive. You are dangerously, perilously close to becoming a petty tyrant. Do not let your fear of losing your way turn you to the ceremony of the lash. Step back, admit that you may have gone a bit power-mad, and speak to those you work with to set the project back on course.

Future Events:

Take care to watch the project you are a part of; a tyrant is breeding in your midst. If you are currently without a leader, one is trying to breed from within; watch for him; his ambition outstrips his ability. His madness is to be born, of losing track of all the things that need doing, and it may be time for someone to approach him before he is born from the stresses of his grand vision.

Yes/No Interpretation:

No, you need to stop.  Your current situation is being aggravated by your own need to maintain control.  Let it go, and you’ll see things quickly come to a solution that is better than anything you could have forced into place.


Being opportunistic is something crucial in what you do in life. Also, the message of the King of Wands emphasizes working towards your goals. Do what it takes to reach your cornerstone and achieve the great life that you imagine about it.

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