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Page of Wands – Meanings & Interpretation – Minor Arcana

Page of Wands Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Page of Wands tarot card is a messenger within the Minor Arcana. He is the creative spark, the heart of discovery and enthusiasm, and free from the burdens of convention.

While his energy is unrealized and undisciplined, it is the spark that begins a fire that fuels transformation. His unbridled energy fills him with confidence, and nothing will stand in his way. Find out more about this Rider Waite card right away!

Page of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


page of wandsThe Page of Wands has a lot in common with our old friend The Fool, both are the heart of beginnings, and neither knows enough to be afraid of what lies ahead. When he arrives in this orientation he brings unbridled potential and the ability to create whatever you will from the future. Don’t let his creative flame consume you though, when you are touched with his spark you will need to harness it and direct it lest it consume you.

Past Events:

You have been on fire, burning with a need to create, to shape your future and to make the world your own. Have you harnessed this potential, have you ridden it, or have you let it ride you? The way you’ve handled this has turned into the tarot card representing you in the present, here’s hoping you’ve handled it well!

Present Events:

Tiger, tiger, burning bright! You have been inundated with fire and creativity, and now it is necessary to give it direction. Take the creative spark that has suffused your person, and be sure you point it to your dreams lest it ignite and consume you.

Future Events:

The Court cards of the Minor Arcana can represent people, and when they appear in the future they often herald the arrival of someone who embodies their spirit. In this case you will be seeing the arrival of a youth full of fire and energy who will inspire you and others around him. His energy can be infectious, and it’s not a bad disease to catch!

Page of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


page of wands reversedSometimes our energy and inspiration can lead us down a path of failure. It doesn’t mean the work wasn’t worthwhile, but worthwhile doesn’t always mean productive. It may have been due to a lack of focus, or merely being overwhelmed by it being more difficult than you imagined. The good news is that it likely didn’t cost you much, as you were still in the earliest steps of the process.

Past Events:

The Page of Wands in this position stands for burning up with energy, and nothing getting done. That’s been the story of the recent past with you. You’ve been full of ideas, but they’ve all been unrealized, and every time you step foot in a direction to make them happen, something gets in the way that makes them seem like too much trouble. The present will hopefully bring more focus.

Present Events:

Your energy is headed in every direction, but none of it is getting anything done. Without stopping to focus, you’re going to continue to flail helplessly without any result. Take some time to realistically assess your goals, plan past the obstacles, and direct yourself forward. A meditation on the Two of Wands may assist you in getting past this block.

Future Events:

If you find yourself currently pursuing a project, and everything is going well, watch out for this fellow. Someone is coming your way that is going to appear full of energy and ambition, but whose chaotic nature will throw everything into flux and distract you from making progress. They can be tamed, but their inner nature will make it difficult.

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