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7 Tips to Transform Your Psychic Energy

Transform Your Psychic Energy in 7 ways

Do you know how you all have bad days and good days?  And you swear that the Gods are against you? Or you broke a mirror and had 7 years of bad luck? What do you do then?  Do you go to church? Some do.  Do you visit a psychic?  A lot do that.  So here in this article, I will give you seven (7) tips to transform your psychic energy into giving you a good life for a while or forever.

There are many different ways to express your psychic energy.  Some say that if you see a black cat cross your path, then you will experience trouble, the same thing with walking under a ladder.  Remember, if you want to ward off bad luck, you toss salt over your right shoulder, I believe it is.

All of this is in an endeavor to create for you good luck to counter bad luck.  But in recent years, an old profession has become front and center for the very same thing the salt does or reading your tea leaves.


What is psychic?

A psychic is used to describe the same abilities and describe the persons who claim to be psychic and have those abilities, such as clairvoyants and psychics. Nowadays, most people call it fortune-telling or counseling.

There are several types of psychic readings and counseling. You have tarot cards, palm readings, astrology, numerology, runes, séances, etc. Each of these is designed to help your psychic energy connect with the person who wishes to have this service.


But to do this, you must have one basic trait:  an understanding of the human psyche.  You do that, and you can be a psychic and be your own psychic and help yourself instead of spending the $5.00.

The human psyche is not a bad barometer of how someone is feeling. If they are crying, laughing, tense, loose, spaced out, or very intent on their conversation, all are actual actions or body language that can be viewed by the other party viewing them.


The Way Psychics Work

Hence a lot of what the psychic does is observe you.  They do what psychiatrists or therapists do when you go to them for a session- they ask you questions about yourself, what it is you are searching for in your reading; whether are you happy in your life; whether are you married; and things like that.

A lot of the questions get asked of you during your actual reading or séance.  Remember, you are always on display and an open book to the psychic who is reading you.

So you want to be your own psychic and do this:  here are some tips for you.


1. Do Research

First, you want to read up on what it means by the word psychic. You can read up on it entirely online, start Wikipedia, do your research in a library, or do both. But either way, I am sorry to say that you will have to do some reading. So if you don’t like to read a psychic may not be for you.

2. Visit Psychics

After you have done your research via the internet and library, then start to visit some psychics. Get a tarot card reading, get a rune reading, or get a séance. But get something that deals with the area of being a psychic that you like. Once you have done that, you are ready to become your psychic.

3. Buy Tarot Cards

  Let me break it down for you:  if you like tarot cards, purchase a book like The Fortune Teller’s Deck written by Jane Lyle. It includes a deck of cards (54 including jokers) and a book on reading the cards.

There are a couple of spreads you need to learn.  The spreads are the following: the Romany Spread, the Mystic Cross, the Magic Square, the Star of Fifteen, the Bohemian Spread, the Cosmic Calendar, Cards of the Week, the Circle of Destiny, and The Nines.

How you read the tarot cards is this

you take a regular deck of cards or the deck provided to you, and you ask the person who is sitting down with you to pick a card out of the deck and look at it.  They have to remember that card.  You place that to the side.  You then take the deck and shuffle the remaining cards.

Once you have shuffled them to your satisfaction, you can ask the person to cut the deck and pick a pile, or you can start to deal. Once you deal, with any of the above-listed formations will work. And, once you have placed them in, leave an empty spot for the card picked, in the beginning, to be placed in, or have the person replace it. This card that goes on top of the other card is important because it represents the individual.

Now you need to know what each of the suits (Diamond, Clubs, Hearts, and Spades) means.  Once you learn what they mean, then you can read the person the meaning of the layout you have in front of them. But to do this, you have to read and study the information on tarot reading and practice plus be a student of body language and human nature.  Take a couple of psychology classes as well.

If you don’t like tarot cards pick any of the other listed ways of doing a psychic reading. All my research has shown, that there are 20 actual ways to show your psychic abilities and practice.

4. Go to College

Go to college, get a degree in psychology, hang up a shingle as a psychic counselor, or hang up a shingle.

5. Study Feng Shui

Feng Shui is based on astrology, using your house and making it a safe, happy place for you to live inside and exist. Essentially Feng Shui uses you and your body as the basis for how to charge your house for your pleasure and safety psychically.  Use your birth date and the subsequent information from your chart to help you decorate your house.

6. Take Stock of Your Life

Another way to transform your psychic energy is to take stock of your life and then do some of the following things:

  1. Listen to your inner voice.
    1. Who are you?  What do you do? Where do you want to be?
  2. Recharge your batteries by taking a walk, a hot bath, reading a book, and leaving technology behind.
  3. Conserve your energy. Go green, solar panels, recycle, and things like that. All of this will help you when it comes to charging your psychic energy and letting your intuition do the work for you.

  • 7. Meditation

    Meditation is also a form of transforming your psychic energy. Here is how you do this:  you find a quiet place in your house, and you arrange it any way you want it to look.  You can lie down or sit cross-legged or half reclining.  Close your eyes and then slowly count backward from whatever number you choose.

  • I tend to stay quiet as long as I can. After a while, I start to picture a place, and then I look inward. I imagine that the earth is my tunnel, and I tunnel directly to the earth’s core and get hotter as I go in.  Upon reaching the core, I let my body relax more, and my mind wanders. You are surprised by what pops into your mind. I saw a diamond ring, blue eyes, and an obscured face of a man.  But mediation allows you to control your mind even in chaos.

Psychic Energy Symbolism

So to recap, there are a couple of ways you can transform your psychic energy.  You can see a psychic and learn how to read tarot cards and runes, to name two things.  You can attend school to become a psychologist and become a psychic counselor.  Also, you can meditate. You can practice Feng Shui. And also learn about yourself.

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