Ace of Wands – Meanings & Interpretation – Minor Arcana

Ace of Wands Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Ace of Wands card from the Minor Arcana represents beginnings, opportunities, and the offering of the staff. The representation of the single wand being presented from a cloud can indicate a passing of the torch, or the ‘speaking staff’, or a gift of creativity.

The castle in the background represents future promises. Be aware that this is just a kernel, a seed, and it will require nurturing to make its promise a reality. Read on to know more about this Rider Waite tarot card and its upright and reverse meanings.

Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


ace of wandsAnother interpretation of the presented stick, is “and GO!”. The starting flag at the beginning of a race or marathon. It represents a coming of drive, ambition, creative energy burning like the heart of a great steam engine.

Past Events:

You’ve been riding the wave of creative ambition, powered by an ever burning need to create that which you envision. You’re coming out of that stage and sliding into what many think of as the harder part, the continuation of forward motion. Keep it going!

Present Events:

Are you on fire? Is every fiber of your being burning with the desire to bring a thing to fruition? Is the energy and spark in your mind flaring up and bringing you out a dead sleep? Is your house covered with notes and does every day have you finding inspiration in mundane objects? Pick it up and go! Make it happen, this is your moment!

Future Events:

The time is coming, just around the corner, when an explosion of creativity will strike like lightening. If you’ve been working on a creative project, or wanting to, or just experiencing a time of creative block, the dam is about to break.

Tarot Yes Or No Interpretation Of Upright Ace Of Wands

This Minor Arcana card is telling you to charge forward, that it’s not just yes but “Heck yes!” in this situation. The Ace of Wands is a clear indicator that it’s time for you to jump on and make this thing happen, or accept it into your life.

Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


ace of wands reversedThe Ace of Wands in the inverted position signifies that you are bubbling with energy, but it’s just pouring over the pot and spilling on the floor, running in every direction. You have the ambition, the drive, but no vision, no goal in site.

Without this energy being directed, it is merely wasted, and likely leaving you feeling exhausted and uninspired. You could just be weighed down with too many other responsibilities, and not able to act on what inspirations you have.

Past Events:

You’ve been burning with an internal fire, but everything has piled up to keep you from pursuing that. This tarot card being in your past is indicating that that time has passed, and your freedom is imminent. Use this opportunity to pursue your dreams!

Present Events:

You are currently being held down by too many responsibilities, and as such your creative energies are being trapped or directed to other activities. It’s difficult to find time, and it’s wearing you down. The best you can do is take notes, keep your ideas flowing, if only onto paper, and prepare for that moment when you’ll have the freedom to act.

Future Events:

The end of your free flow of ideas is coming, life will pile responsibilities onto you and bury you under a heavy load of other work. Make the progress you’re able to now, and then focus on keeping those ideas on paper. With careful effort you may be able to free up some time, but it will take concentration and planning. Start now.

Tarot Yes Or No Interpretation Of Inverted Ace of Wands

If one gets the inverted Ace of Wands in their reading, it’s time to step back and acknowledge that there is no positive answer to this. The answer is a clear “no”, and no clear positive can be seen coming from this direction.

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