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Richard Petty

Birthday :

July 2, 1937

Also Known For :

Racing Car Driver

Birth Place :

Level Cross, North Carolina, United States of America

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Richard Petty aka The King of NASCAR comes with an epic story that isn’t just written but heard. Some people walk through their country songs, while others depend upon their mansions and investment. But Richard tends to walk comfortably in that one bountiful museum that acknowledges his fame. In fact, his fans always ask when he will retire from his race car career. Even though he is former NASCAR driver, he is still overseeing several operations of his Motorsport Company. Off the field, his legacy continues to fathom day by day. In spite of him choking up a remarkable stance in his career, Richard showcased his celebrity in the cooperate world. He turned into a promising spokesman for unique brands including Pepsi. Let’s take a look at his early and later achievements.

Richard’s Personality

Richard Petty possesses a strong persona that is vivid even to the unknown. He comes with a macho for staying true to his ideals and principles. He is the kind of person who can be counted on, no matter the situation. But, watch out since he isn’t that sociable. This is seen in his car racing career. He loves to strive through his sweat. In that case, his middle age year is still filled with adventures. At this point, he reaps fruitful results, all thanks to his effort. At 79 years old, he still feels like he can reinstate back and drive his former 1960s Runner model. The older he gets, the happier he becomes. In other words, he is a young at heart person.


Childhood And Early Life

On 2 July 1937 Richard Petty was born in Level Cross, North Carolina, In the U.S. He was born to Elizabeth and Lee Petty. His father also ruled the world of car racing in the course of 1950s to 1960s. Richard had a younger brother, Maurice with whom he lived within his grandparents’ house. But the said structure lacked basic comforts such as electricity till the end of World War II. Richard’s father was known as a go-getter; he was always ahead of time. When his younger brother was diagnosed with polio, Lee did everything beyond his power to make sure he is in a good state. The outcome made him start illegal businesses.

At 11 years of age, Lee took his two sons to watch a racing car competition in Daytona. His father was intrigued by the performance where he forced his family to move NASCAR’s city in Charlotte. It was here that he opted to set his favorite car on the first race. His endpoint was to win the extra dollars at the end of the competition. This round, he wasn’t planning to be an active spectator, both had a plan to win at the end. Maurice and Lee acted as assistant crews. While their mother, Elizabeth watched hopefully as several cars crashed on the way. Unfortunately, their car stumbled on a sizable boulder, that they were unable to complete the race. They came to curse their old car for being heavy than usual.



In the mid of 1960s, Lee and Richard Rose back as a fervent race car competitors. But his son showed him no mercy. In 1962 he won nine times followed by fourteen times in 1963 and nine times more the following year. This is where he garnered his first championship award. Lee started to embrace jealousy towards his son’s success. It was here that other people suggested that had the ideal car. However, the irony was that they used to build their racing cars.

For Richard, racing was a hobby and not a job. His work was to race for over a week in the end. But Richard was known for his strong skills followed by Bobby Allison and Cale Yarborough. They were resilient because they had nothing else to do. By then, the race cars acted as their death traps; it was either they win for them make the real dollars or go back home believing that it was only a Southern entity. In other words, Richard was one of the drivers who didn’t embrace pain.

Since 1958 Richard Petty garnered several awards including NASCAR records and Daytona 500 award. With over 250 wins, he made more history by making more money than any other driver in car racing history. In his final tenure of 1992, President George W. Bush ensured that he was present to witness Petty’s last race. But he didn’t go back home to rest; he served as a television broadcaster under a car racing company. He came to own the organization which he later gave it as a gift to his son, Kyle Petty.


Personal Life

Throughout his career, Richard Petty proved that he didn’t have time for any aches excuses. There wasn’t time for that. He was the kind of person who will drive with a broken rib and neck to the latter. At this point, doctors had to do their work, but resting wasn't on his duty list. In short, the doctors came to know their own business just as Richard knew his skills. 

Kyle followed his father’s footsteps where he retired in 2010. His son, Adam Petty died at 19 years of age when he attended the practice run in New Hampshire. In 1996 Richard vied for a secretary of state seat, but Elaine Marshall succeeded him. In the course of his retirement, he voiced a notable animated film called Pixar in 2006.In 1959 Richard married the love of his life, Lynda Petty till her demise in 2014.To date, Petty still chairs the North Carolina Motorsports Association. Besides, Richard likes to offer a helping hand. He gave out 84 acres of his land to develop the Victory Junction. The camp caters for ill toddlers.

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