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Jason Segel

Birthday :

January 18, 1980

Birth Place :

Los Angeles, California, United States of America

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Chinese Zodiac :


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Jason Segel likes to make music, act, writing as well as making new friends. At times he appears in the movies, he writes as well as sing the songs he records. You might probably know him from his distinguished episode “ The Muppets” as well as “ Despicable Me.” But his mother, Jillian Jordan and father Alvin G. Segel know him from his childhood dreams. THE NIGHTMARES!

Surprisingly his very first novel! He was the real Sleepwalker Tonic. Segel also took a role of Marshall Eriksen on How I Met Your Mother which brought him undefined accolades. He has also had a chance to star in several films such as The End of The Tour, Forgetting Sarah Marshal Love You Man and much more.

Childhood and Early Life

Jason Segel was born on 18th January 1980 in California, Los Angeles Unites States. He went to Jake Gyllenhaal High School. He used to play basketball with several NBA players as well as future Stanford such as Jason Collins and Jarron. In 1996, the team won a Division III state championship. In 1998 he broke with a small business role in the movie Can’t Hardly Wait. The film was later spotted by casting scout while he was performing in Edward Albee&rsquo's play in the Zoo story.

At that time he was 16 years, and he managed to cast the film in one of the Geeks and Freaks show. He was later garnered with a Young Artist Award for Best Performing TV series “ The Ensemble.” In July 2010, Segel was ordained as a Universal Life Church minister. This was planned by Jason Wood and Abbe Thorner couple after their organizer went missing. Therefore, Jason took a role of solemnizing their wedding vows.



Jason Segel managed to win one of the Critics Movie Award in 2012 as the Best Song Nominee. In 2016, he got an Independent Spirit Award as the Best Male Lead Nominee.


Rise to Stardom

Before the pick of his career, Jason Segel was known for his shabby writing view. His real-life personality seemed to change at the dawn of his career. When he was first recognized for his Hollywood fame, he dropped from his disheveled look to designer suits.


Personal Life

From 2012 to 2013 Jason Segel once dated Mitchel Williams who is now an ex-significant other. He also coupled up with a Serbian actress Linda Bojana Novakovic. He is currently dating a photographer Alexis Mixter. Segel is categorized as one of the handsome actors who come at 92kgs and 6 feet. His hair color is light brown. Jason loves to hang out with old friends as well as reading new collections of books.

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