Rooster And Rat Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Rooster & Rat Zodiac Signs

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the rooster and the rat in love might be able to form a good relationship together. The rooster-rat love compatibility might not be too great but anything can happen with a little patience and compromise.

Rats are smart and witty. They are not careless. They are  outgoing and social and love having fun. At the same time, they can also be serious and they know how to treat their closest friends and family very well.

chinese rooster zodiac compatibility with rat. The rooster-rat love compatibility might not be too great but anything can happen with a little patience and compromise.

The rational roosters are more prone to conservative, proven methods. They will not likely approve of their partner’s more creative and looser methods. Because they are perfectionists, they are likely to fall into their typical habit of demanding their lover to change.

Rooster Rat Love Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac rooster and rat relationship will only survive if they are ready to be understanding. Both will need to be able to see how they can get along with each other. The rooster man or woman might think of the rats as being too much of a schemer. Because of this, the rat man or woman might not live up to their honest, blunt partner’s standards of perfection.

In a rooster-rat friendship, both will not have any reason to complain about lack of treatment or understanding. These two will have a lot of fun together when they are dating. In return they will be very devoted and trusting partners. They both enjoy getting out of the house and going out with friends. The male or female rooster will be somewhat vain and need to be complimented and flattered. The male or female rat has no problems giving their lover what they need. They enjoy treating those closest to them very well.

The Chinese zodiac rooster and rat compatibility just do not seem to work very well together. The rat will not take the rooster’s criticisms well and it will not take long for them to become annoyed. They will also be annoyed at their partner’s need to analyze everything. They will feel unappreciated and insecure. The rooster tends to enjoy material things and this is going to irritate their partner, who tends to be pretty thrifty. Both the rooster and rat soulmates can be controlling. They are also both known for being self sufficient. Both will want to control both people and situations. The rooster-rat couple in bed will be sexually incompatible.

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The rooster is known for being demanding and authoritative and not very flexible. The rat is a smart, independent thinker. They will not likely just follow whatever their partner has to say. They might also feel they do not measure up because of the rooster being so arrogant. They will start looking for things that their partner will not be able to give them and decide to breakup.

The rat wants compassion, affection, and a certain amount of tender feeling. This relationship will seemingly be doomed from the very beginning. If the rooster and rat marriage have had time to mature, then the relationship might have a better chance of working out. With time to mature, the rooster-rat compatibility could get better.

Rooster & Rat Chinese Horoscope Compatibility Rated 3 Hearts!

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