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Chinese Rabbit Zodiac Compatibility – Who Should A Rabbit Marry?

Rabbit Compatibility: Who is the Best Match for the Rabbit Sign?

Read on to know more about the Rabbit compatibility in love, marriage, business, friendship and relationships with the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Rabbit and Rat:

Rabbit is quiet and sweet, while Rat is brash and energetic, but both are capable of great love and devotion. Chinese Rat is social, active, and cunning, while Rabbit, on the other hand, is passive and mild-mannered. A rat might think Rabbit is slow or dull at times, or he/she may really appreciate Rabbit’s calmness. Rabbit might help slow Rat down. Both are good with finances and close with their family. They are both practical and set realistic goals for their life. If these two can work together and appreciate their differences, Rabbit’s love compatibility can last.


Rabbit Compatibility With Ox:

The diplomatic and friendly Rabbit marriage compatibility will attract the reliable Ox right away. Here is a situation where opposite character traits seem to complement each other. The easy-going Rabbit will make sure the Ox doesn’t work too hard and takes some time to relax. Ox can have a bit of an ego, but Rabbit will take care that his/her feelings are not hurt. Ox should take care to do the same for the sensitive Rabbit. But the Ox isn’t as sensitive or gentle as Rabbit. Ox needs to learn to be more tactful and not push Rabbit away. If these two can understand each other’s needs, they can last a long time.


Rabbit and Tiger:

Tiger is loud and daring, while Rabbit is sweet and sensitive. This Chinese astrology compatibility may argue especially over Tiger trying to dominate Rabbit. Rabbit may feel like Tiger is taking advantage if Tiger is not careful of Rabbit and his/her feelings. However, both signs are compassionate, which will help them communicate and smooth over the conflicts. Tiger would never intentionally hurt Rabbit. Rabbit needs to learn to speak up more. As long as Rabbit feels heard and appreciated, she may not mind Tiger taking the lead, especially in the bedroom! And Tiger is very sexy and magnetic! In turn, Rabbit will do all she can to please her lover.


Rabbit and Rabbit:

Two Rabbits together could be a wonderful and peaceful Chinese Horoscope Compatibility. However, none of them would take on responsibilities, and someone has to, so that may be a source of contention. Rabbits are deeply emotional, artistic, and idealistic but can also be very insecure and anxious. So with two together, they will have to be careful to support each other rather than feed off their insecurities. They can also be perfectionists and have a hard time dealing with defects. If they can overcome their difficulties, The Rabbit Rabbit soulmates will have a happy life.


Rabbit Compatibility With Dragon:

The relationship compatibility between a rabbit and a dragon is a realistic and positive combination. Their different natures complement each other. Although Rabbit likes to stay in while Dragon likes to go out, they are loving and supportive. Dragon likes to be the center of attention, but Rabbit understands this. And Dragon will be happy to be Rabbit’s supporter and protector, which Rabbit needs. Their home will be lovely due to Rabbit’s artistic capabilities, and Dragon can take care of practical things such as bills, which is fine by Rabbit. This is truly a great match.

Rabbit and Snake:

They might connect mentally and intellectually at first, but then they will connect on a deeper level. This marriage compatibility can be very sensuous. But both suffer from insecurities and will have a hard time reassuring each other and providing support for each other’s needs. They may be able to work on this together. Rabbit won’t be too upset if Snake works too much as long as he provides for the family. But they may both worry about money because they both like to spend. This is another issue they will have to overcome to get along.

Rabbit and Horse:

Horse may get upset and feel that Rabbit places all responsibility on him, but Rabbit doesn’t have the mindset for practical and financial matters. Rabbit prefers solitude, where Horse is always on the go. They will have to try to be less selfish and think of each other more to make their relationship work. Although, this pair can work with the right couple, and perhaps Rabbit will take of the home for Horse to come home to. Rabbit needs to learn to be more independent, while Horse needs to come home more often. They both need to be supportive of each other also.

Rabbit and Sheep:

Rabbit and Sheep love compatibility is another great thing. They both value order and harmony above all else. The rabbit will trust Sheep to make decisions for the two of them. They are both romantic and affectionate. Both can be anxious and emotional, so they will have to take care to make sure they don’t make problems bigger than they are. Neither has much of a mind for practicalities and finances, so if they get someone else to handle them, they will be all set! Goat is more social, outgoing, and likes to be in control, which is fine with Rabbit.

rabbit love compatibility

Rabbit and Monkey:

This Rabbit love compatibility might make better friends than romantic lovers, but sometimes friends find love. Monkey enjoys a life with activities and drama, while Rabbit prefers peace. Rabbit prefers a night at home with a small group of friends while Monkey wants to go out to a party. However, both are realistic and would be willing to make changes for love. In business, neither is good with finances, but Monkey will be great at being in charge and socializing with clients/customers while Rabbit is the creative behind the scenes. Their partnership will take work and understanding to thrive, but it can be done.

Rabbit Love Compatibility With Rooster:

A Rabbit is sensitive, emotional, and moody. Rabbits need a supportive partner who will be there for them when they are low. Rooster is quick-witted and organized. They move at a fast pace and organize every minute of their lives. They want their partners to do the same, and Rooster may push Rabbit to do so. Rabbit is sensitive and may be offended. Also, Roosters are brutally honest and do not hold back, whereas Rabbit may be hurt and Rooster won’t understand. If Rooster can learn to be more tactful and sympathetic and Rabbit can understand, they can work out.

Rabbit and Dog:

Dog and Rabbit make for a natural partnership without many conflicts. Dogs are very loyal, faithful, and protective. They will help Rabbit with support and advice when they need it. Dogs can be somewhat pessimistic, and the relaxed attitude of Rabbit can help to cheer Dog up. Both of you enjoy cozy evenings at home. The dog is not as creative as Rabbit but will appreciate Rabbit’s artistic abilities. The dog will never lecture or insult Rabbit because he understands Rabbit responds from the heart. And as lovers, they will be passionate. This couple can have much happiness together.

Rabbit and Pig:

Pigs and Rabbits have a lot in common. Both dislike conflict. Both enjoy beauty, nature, and art. They will have fun decorating their home together. Boar is sensitive enough to know when he/she pushes Rabbit too hard and will back off. Pigs are hard-working, bright, and social. Pigs will be very supportive of their Rabbit mate. Also, Pigs mend conflicts with those they love and don’t mind being a shoulder to lean on. Rabbits can help Pigs to stay on task and focus on work when they need to. This union will be beneficial for both Rabbit and Pig.

Rabbit Relationship Compatibility: Conclusion

Chinese Rabbit is compatible with Chinese Zodiacs Sheep, Monkey, Dog, and Pig, while Rabbit compatibility falters with Snake and Rooster. Rabbits will be lucky in marital relationships in the year 2022. Health will tend to cause some anxiety.

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