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Chinese Monkey Horoscope Compatibility – Who Should A Monkey Marry?

Monkey Compatibility: Who is the Best Match for the Monkey Sign?

Read on to know more about the Monkey compatibility in love, marriage, business, friendship and relationships with the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Monkey and Rat:

This Chinese zodiac compatibility makes sparks in the bedroom. Their highly energetic and competitive nature will encourage them to try to please their lover every time. Rat may need to control their jealousy, and Monkey needs to control his/her wandering eye. They will have an active social life, and both enjoy trying new things. They will probably be competitive in many areas of their life. This may cause them to argue, but they love the drama, so they will probably enjoy this as well. Rat is shrewd enough to know that Monkey wants to be in charge and let Monkey be in charge while Rat runs things behind the scenes. These two will have a great relationship because they have so much in common and will enjoy each other.


Monkey Compatibility Ox:

This Chinese Monkey compatibility can be tough, but it can work if they focus on the good in one another. Monkey might think Ox too rigid and too moral. On the other hand, Ox might think Monkey needs to be more serious instead of just playing around all the time. But they both have a great sense of humor, so as long as they can learn to laugh off their disagreements, this will go a long way in them getting along. Also, they can help one another; Monkey can get Ox to explore more while Ox can help Monkey settle down. Monkey will also need to cut down on the flirting because infidelity is an end to the relationship for Ox.


Monkey and Tiger:

Monkey and Tiger Chinese Astrology compatibility will be attractive. They will enjoy a passionate romance, but their passion outside the bedroom may include arguments. Tiger can be commanding and very independent, whereas Monkey wants to be in control also. Monkey may compete with Tiger for power, and Tiger won’t have this. Also, Monkey can be a bit mischievous, and Tiger may find him/her reckless. But they can both go off on their own and do their own thing and come back together. They have to make sure they communicate and share some common ground, so they stay together. Both are independent and will enjoy doing their own thing as long as they stay committed to their relationship.


Monkey Compatibility With Rabbit:

This Chinese Horoscope compatibility will have different personalities and interests, but with compassion and understanding, a relationship can work. Rabbit can be shy and slightly antisocial, whereas the Monkey is very outgoing. The Rabbit prefers quiet evenings at home, and the Monkey loves to party! Rabbit is compassionate and passive so that they won’t fight much, but Rabbit may feel like it does all the work for their relationship. Monkey doesn’t mean for this to happen, but he/she wants to have fun. Neither is good with finances, so it will be better if someone else can handle that in a business or personal relationship.


Monkey and Dragon:

What a great combination! Both Monkey and Dragon are energetic and fun-loving. Also, they will have an electric sexual connection and enjoy playing together beneath the sheets and out. Also, they may sometimes argue because they are both passionate. But, they will most likely get over it rather quickly and on to fun things! They will probably have a messy house as neither one likes to cook or clean or take care of the practical things, but neither one will mind. Besides, they probably won’t be home much anyway. Dragon does tend to work harder than Monkey but is also a great motivator.

Monkey Compatibility With Snake:

Monkeys are brilliant but can be mischievous. They are also romantic but can have a short attention span. They may fall in love with every romantic interest only to fall out of love almost as quickly. It understands that Monkey would fall for Snake. Snakes are every bit as intelligent and charming as monkeys. Snakes are calm, cool, and collected. Also, the Snakes have a great ability to motivate people and charm them. Snake and Monkey will have great chemistry and attraction. Monkey will have to be careful not to try and fool the Snake, as Snake will likely see right through it. Also, Snakes can be jealous, so Monkey has to watch its wandering eye.

Monkey and Horse:

A Horse may overlook Monkey’s wandering eye, especially since Horse tends to have a short attention span. Horse is very open, honest, and forthcoming so that they may be vulnerable to Monkey’s trickery. Both like to be the center of attention so that they may argue over that. When either of these signs finds something they are passionate about, they will work hard to keep it so they can be faithful if they really want to. Both are more likely to be ready to settle down as they get older and have already done the fooling around thing. They will have to compromise, though, to have a happy and stable marriage.

Monkey and Sheep:

Monkey and Goat have different personalities, so this may be a difficult Monkey love compatibility. The Monkey may find Sheep’s calm and passive behavior to mean Sheep is slow or unintelligent. Sheep also needs a lot of support from their partner, which will be difficult for Monkey, who can be self-centered. Sheep keep their feelings to themselves and will need her/his partner to coax them out to show they really care. Monkey may not want to go through all this effort, and if he/she doesn’t, Ram may feel resentment. If Monkey can work a little harder and support Sheep, it may help Sheep work harder. These two could be good for one another if they try.

monkey love compatibility

Monkey and Monkey:

Two Monkeys together will need to make time for one another and their relationship. Monkey soulmates tend to be selfish and manipulative. They often have lots of plans and schemes going at one time. They need to try to focus on one thing at a time. This is true in their business world and personal life. So two Monkey man and Monkey woman should take time out for each other to make sure they focus on their relationship. Finding new activities to do and help keep their interest for Monkeys tend to stray when they get bored. As long as Monkeys put in the effort to maintain their commitment to their partnership, they can be happy together for a long time.

Monkey Compatibility With Rooster:

Roosters are honest, hard-working, and intelligent. Monkeys will be attracted to her/his quick wit and fearlessness. However, Roosters don’t generally approve of tricksters or Monkey’s manipulation tactics. Roosters are not very spontaneous either, while Monkeys are always up for some fun. Roosters like to plan everything. But this hard-to-get attitude may keep Monkey from getting bored. Although once Monkey finds out Rooster isn’t playing hard to get but really is busy, Monkey may get annoyed. These two will definitely have to work on this Monkey relationship compatibility and compromise to last together.

Monkey and Dog:

Dog is trustworthy, reliable, and serious. Dog has high moral standards, which Monkey may not live up to. But these two can have fun together, and Monkey can help Dog lighten up in Monkey marriage compatibility. They both have a lot of energy and like to try new things, so this can be an easy match. Dog also won’t mind Monkey’s take-charge attitude and will be a loyal sidekick. However, Dog does have trouble trusting people, so it may take some time with Monkey to determine if Monkey will stay or stray. Hopefully, Dog is a good influence on Monkey and can help Monkey be more upstanding and committed.

Monkey and Pig:

Pig will want to stay in bed all day with his Monkey lover. Monkey will definitely enjoy sex with Pig, but Monkey is not the type to stay in bed all day. Eventually, Monkey will probably go out of his/her own, so Pig will have to be all right with this. Luckily Pig aims to please his/her mate. Boar has to be careful not to let Monkey take advantage. Monkey doesn’t mean to but can sometimes be easily distracted by something else. But both enjoy the finer things in life. Monkey prefers going out for the finer things rather than staying in, but these two can have a lot of fun together in Monkey relationship compatibility.

Monkey Relationship Compatibility: Conclusion

Chinese Monkey is highly compatible with the Chinese Zodiacs Ox and Rabbit, while Tiger and Pig are conflicting. The year 2022 will bring good luck for the Monkey zodiac in career, love, and relationships. Diligence and diplomacy are required to succeed in life.

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