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Pisces Mother’s Personality Traits

A Pisces Mother Personality Traits

The Pisces mother’s personality traits are sternness as well as compassion. You reside in your fanciful world. You are a visionary with imagination who lives life as per your wishes.

The Pisces woman proudly awaits the arrival of her child and will be obsessed with the presence of the child. Being compassionate, you bestow your child with limitless love.


The Pisces mother personality traits show you are there to hail the child over his triumphs as well as to support him in times of failure. The time you spend with your offspring will be highly memorable to you. You shield your child always and do not mind giving up everything for the sake of the child.

A Capricorn son and Pisces mom are very much compatible and both will take care of the family without any expectations.


Pisces Mother – Positive Personality Traits

The Pisces mother’s personality traits show she is quite liberal with her child and she becomes an integral part of the life of the child. You are highly emotional and cannot bear to see your child in pain. You find it difficult to correct your child when required and the child will turn out as a spoiled brat.


When the child is in trouble, you go all out to get the child out of difficulty. Once the child grows up, Pisces Mother tends to depend on the child. You take care of both the physical and spiritual well-being of the little one.



This Pisces parent excels in fine arts because of planetary aspects and she is good in fashion, music, and cooking. You encourage your child to learn and enhance his capabilities in these exotic things.

The Pisces mother traits show your child will be taught to dance with you and will be escorted to cultural events. Your emphasis on presenting everything artistically will be picked up by your child automatically.


Memorable Gifts

The Pisces mother’s characteristics show she is pious, thoughtful, and ingenious. A fanciful dress will cheer you up on special occasions. As you are interested in photography, a digital camera will be a nice present. You are a spiritual being and religious tapes will be of interest to you.

Anything that tickles your creative abilities such as fine arts, movies, or musical events will be cherished by you. A trip to a fantasy world or aquatic event will make you enjoy the occasion.

Pisces Mother – Negative Personality Traits


The Pisces female is highly perceptive and when her sentiments are impaired, she can become tricky. Your remorse will be evident in your appearance and actions. Your language will not match with the actual state of affairs and the child will be confused and may lose faith in you.

The Pisces mother traits show if you are not open with your child, the child will reason it out and try to keep away from you. You will be admired by your child if you are truthful to him always.


Pisces Mother’s traits show that in her effort to be innovative may get into bad habits easily. The child can easily find out the weird fashions or behavior and may not accept them. Do not expose your child to your private life or expect them to be mature enough to help you when you are emotionally disturbed.

The Pisces mother characteristics show your child should be kept away from adult talk and the child should be taught to take responsibility for his mistakes instead of blaming others.

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