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Chinese Dragon Zodiac Compatibility – Who Should A Dragon Marry?

Dragon Compatibility: Who is the Best Match for the Dragon Sign?

Read on to know more about the Dragon compatibility in love, marriage, business, friendship and relationships with the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Dragon and Rat:

Dragon and Rat are close to a perfect couple and soulmates! Also, Dragon is not too intense or energetic for Rat. Both signs often enjoy being the center of attention. They may argue due to Dragon’s ego and Rat’s selfishness, but they will probably end up enjoying the debate, and it will resolve quickly. They have a strong connection with healthy appetites and urges so that they will have great sex also. In business, Rat will be smart enough to let Dragon be the frontman while he exerts his energy in other ways.


Dragon and Ox:

Chinese Zodiac Dragon is ambitious and successful. Ox is diligent and dependable,e especially if these two are in business together. Ox is very romantic but is passionate, and Dragon is passionate also. What will cause these two not to get along? Ox usually avoids arguments and is slow to get mad, but Ox is more stubborn and conservative than Dragon. Ox may be put off by Dragon’s fiery and quick-tempered nature. Dragon does appreciate the Ox’s honorable nature where others can be put off. These two will do well to respect the other’s nature and work with their preferences.


Dragon Compatibility With Tiger:

Dragon Compatibility with Tiger can be a difficult combination, but there can be a long-lasting love if they can work out their differences. There may be an initial attraction,n, but then they may fight over who is in charge. Dragon wants to possess Tiger, and Tiger does not want to be possessed. Tiger needs to try to be more available for Dragon, and Dragon needs to give Tiger more space. They can both be competitive in their relationships, so they will succeed if they can let go of this. In the bedroom, they will have passion and heat due to their magnetic personalities.


Dragon and Rabbit:

Chinese Dragon and Rabbit can do well if they compromise. Rabbit is affectionate and loving, which makes Dragon feel appreciated. Rabbit is creative and inventive, while Dragon is more practical. In business, they can make a great team if they can keep grounded. Both are good with money. Dragon helps bring Rabbit out of her shell and feel safe. Dragon is an extrovert while Rabbit is an introvert, so they will need to work out how to resolve this and enjoy each other’s company. If they can work out their differences, they will succeed in love.


Dragon Dragon Compatibility:

Chinese Dragon Compatibility can have a hot courtship! Dragons are usually beautiful and have magnetic personalities. They both love adventure and trying new things. They are not likely to spend quiet evenings at home. Both the Dragon man and Dragon woman may struggle because they are both natural leaders, so they will have to learn to share control. They don’t plan, but they are very innovative in business. They do well with money. Also, they are both very giving and loving. The Dragon male or Dragon femlae can almost see what the other is thinking. This will be a passionate and fiery relationship, but it can work.

Dragon and Snake:

Chinese Astrology Compatibility between Dragon and Snake have traits in common, but there are some challenges to romance for this duo. Dragon is more brash and energetic than a snake. They will likely be attracted to each other immediately and enjoy a physical interaction. However, Snake tends to be lazier than Dragon, so Snake may want to relax after sex while Dragon has more energy and may want to go again. Both are lucky in business and with money, Snake is a great planner, and Dragon is the perfect one to put Snake’s plans into action. If they are patient with each other, their relationship will run more smoothly.

Dragon Compatibility With Horse:

Chinese Horoscope compatibility of Dragon and Horse can be fun and exciting. Both are energetic and social. The horse is more insecure than Dragon, but the strong, confident Dragon may help with this. Neither likes to settle down, but Horse more so than Dragon. The horse tends to lose interest and move on quickly, but Dragon is just the one to keep the Horse interested. Their friends may envy them for their great love affair. They are usually attractive and successful; Dragon is usually considered lucky, and Horse is hard working. This can indeed be a power couple!

Dragon and Sheep:

Dragon Relationship Compatibility with Sheep can do really well together if they understand one another. Sheep is independent, yet Dragon is protective, so Sheep has to accept this, and Dragon has to back off some. But the Sheep is also a worry, so there will be times where the Goat will appreciate having Dragon to turn to for comfort. Sheep is sensitive and artistic and will make their home comfortable and well decorated, which Dragon will appreciate. Sheep needs to feel appreciated and loved, which Dragon is good at because Dragon expresses what he feels. This is a case where their differences really complement each other and can provide them with long-term success.

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Dragon and Monkey:

Dragons are ambitious and driven but also generous and loving, especially with those they care about. Monkeys and Dragons have much in common such as money and success. They are both passionate and sometimes flighty, but they will settle down when they find the one. Also, they should both proceed cautiously and make sure they are truly ready to commit to one another before getting too invested. But, they may not be able to help themselves! They will be able to keep up with one another’s plans, and Monkey will even help Dragon plan his projects better. Once they are fully committed,d they will be forever.

Dragon and Rooster:

Dragons and Roosters make good mates because each has something to gain from the other. Rooster can help you improve your money skills and help you with the details when Dragon gets caught up in the moment. Rooster, in turn, will love being with Dragon and the attention that comes with it. Roosters are so practical and logical that Dragons end up being the emotional ones in the duo, so Dragons will have to take care to tend to Rooster’s needs also. If Dragon remembers to pay more attention to Rooster and not get caught up in him, this can lead to long-term happiness.

Dragon Compatibility With Dog:

Dogs are loyal, steady, and dependable. They can be pessimistic and nervous; they like a routine as opposed to Dragons who love excitement. This can be a difficult match in other areas as well. Dogs value loyalty above all else, whereas Dragons tend to stray, especially if they get bored. Dog may not forgive if his mate betrays. Dog may also be jealous of the many admirers Dragons tend to have. A Dog will not understand the Dragon’s love of money, success, and beautiful things. Dogs have simple tastes. These two will have to compromise and appreciate one another’s values if this relationship is going to work.

Dragon and Pig:

Pigs love peace and a life with little conflict. Pigs won’t mind that the relationship with Dragon marriage compatibility tends to be all about Dragon. Boars are sociable and love a party, but they can be too trusting. Dragon should take care not to take advantage of Pig because once you hurt a Pig, it can be hard to win them back. Pigs have a hard time getting over hurt and betrayal. Pigs, naive and gullible, will often be overworked from trying to help everyone around them. Dragon and Pig can be pleased together if they respect and help support each other.

Dragon Relationship Compatibility: Conclusion

The Chinese Dragon is highly compatible with the Chinese zodiac Rat, Monkey, and Rooster. They should avoid the zodiacs Ox, Sheep, Dog, Rabbit, and Dragon. Dragon Horoscope 2022 predicts that the year is auspicious in the areas of career and finance. They can expect professional growth coupled with salary hikes. In times of trouble, they can expect support from colleagues and the management.

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