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Rabbit And Snake Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Rabbit & Snake Zodiac Signs

Although the Rabbit Snake couple may not be the most preferred match according to the Chinese Zodiac, this is one that has a chance, so long as they use their similarities and their differences to their advantage.

Rabbit Snake Love Compatibility

The rabbit and the snake friendship will initially hit it off through a lively conversation. When they are dating each other, they will discover they have the same tastes, that is, the finer, usually more expensive tastes, in life. They will make plans for some upcoming play or to have dinner a critically acclaimed restaurant they haven both been dying to try. Yet sooner or later, both will gravitate towards the home, being the introverted beings they both are.

Rabbit Snake Compatibility. The rabbit snake relationship has potential, but will require dedication from both parties.

The rabbit snake relationship has potential, but will require dedication from both parties. The good thing is that both these Chinese astrology signs are very patient people. While the snake loves to take it’s time carefully thinking, going over every possibility, intellectualizing them, often the rabbit just dreams.

If they let their minds cross once in a while, the snake might actually give the rabbit a practical application to its many fantasies. They, in turn, will intellectualize their lover’s dreams, giving the each other a smart perspective on their thoughts. The catch is that these two Chinese Zodiac signs both have to get out of their heads. Neither of them known for their call to action.

That being said, the Rabbit Snake soulmates will most likely be a quiet and reclusive, if the rabbit lets the snake have its way. They will be the one who spend all their time together, opting for ordering dinner in, only double dating or attending parties at the request of the rabbit.

This happens in relationships such as these because the snake tends to absorb its lovers, often becoming rather jealous and demanding of them. If the Rabbit Snake love compatibility is strong, the rabbit just might let this happen. They like to be cared for and nurtured. But if not, they just might run for the wind and breakup. At the end of the day, rabbits are independent signs and often shy away from such demanding lovers.

Another possible source of contention could be the lack of communication between these two. Snakes are secretive by nature. They are elusive with their feeling – and so are rabbits. There could very well be something between the two, but they might not have any idea. Both have to be secure in the relationship before any true feelings come out. Even in bed, the Rabbit and Snake can sexually satisfy each other provided jealousy doesn’t come into the picture.

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After that, the snake will have no problem sharing, yet the rabbit, on the other hand, may still hold out. These are two signs that are both quite insecure. And if one of them gets a whiff of something sour in the relationship, there could be problems.

The rabbit man or rabbit woman will start detaching itself, causing the snake man or snake woman to react rather possessively. And with that, they will most likely start looking elsewhere. For a rabbit snake marriage to work well, both must work on their own self-confidence, as well as their trust in their partner.

All things considered, the rabbit male snake female love match will flourish due to the many shared interests between the two. In each other they will find good company and quite possibly a life companion, so long as the snake is careful not to make too many demands on the rabbit and overpower it.

Luckily, the male snake is quite sensitive to the female rabbit’s feelings, able to quickly notice when something’s awry. Good communication and practical thought will ensure success in this Chinese love match.

Rabbit & Snake Chinese Horoscope Compatibility Rated 5 Hearts!

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