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Rabbit And Rat Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Rabbit & Rat Zodiac Signs

The Rabbit and Rat love compatibility can be very good or very bad. As with any relationship, differences can be worked on and progress can be made. Yet the rabbit rat compatibility will take a good deal more effort than the average, often leaving the two asking, “Why? For what”? This is a partnership in which they have will end up working more against the relationship than for it.

The rat is always thinking forward, how to get ahead, and usually with the least amount of work possible. The rabbit, on the other hand, keeps their thoughts to themselves, because they are always dreaming, not grounded in the here and now. They feels its best to not bother the rest of the world with those thoughts – because they might bother the rest of the world.

chinese rabbit zodiac compatibility with rat. The rabbit rat compatibility will take a good deal more effort than the average.

Rabbit Rat Love Compatibility

Initially, when the rabbit and rat start dating, they may fall hard for each other. They share a mutual love for the arts and new learning. The rabbit will be elusive, a quality that always tends to attract lovers.

In some ways these two Chinese astrology signs are similar. Yes, both are somewhat secretive. Yet their respective secretive tendencies stem from different roots. The rabbit comes across as secretive due to their shy and whimsical nature, while the rat is secretive most likely because they are plotting something.

Another similarity is that they have very high standards for their partners. The rabbit and at relationship might begin for this sole reason. They meet their own personal standards, which is often rare for the both of them. Yet that characteristic could also easy dissuade any romantic notions between the two. That is, they don’t meet those same high standards previously set.

Unfortunately, Chinese zodiac compatibility predicts that there will most likely be more sources of contention between the rabbit and rat soulmates than sources of unity. An avid talker, the rat will want their partner to actively engage in whatever topic this Chatty Cathy brings up.

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Regrettably, the rabbit won’t be able to. They will be off dreaming in la-la land, which will leave their partner feeling neglected and unfulfilled. Their aloofness will bring out the rat’s often hidden insecurity. They need constant attention from their partners to feel good in the relationship. Alas, even in bed, the rabbit and rat compatibility will just be too detached thus not satisfying sexually.

Soon, the rat might become frustrated with their partner’s lack of commitment. Nor will the rabbit man or woman ever truly commit to their lover. There is always something untrustworthy about the rat man or woman. And with good reason, rats are cunning and very secretive about their personal affairs. The male or female rabbit will soon see through this and elusively evade a romantic entanglement with the male or female rat. Its cunning sense of perception will be on high alert at their games.

To be honest, the rabbit and rat marriage is not the most favorable of unions. Of course, a rabbit rat friendship can function, but if there is much better compatibility found among other signs, why not go for the gold, instead? The majority of the time it will end up being a short fling.

The rabbit will quietly break up as if nothing happened and erasing it from its memory as quickly as it started. For a union such as this to make it, both the rabbit and rat in love will have to look for more love compatibility within the rest of their Chinese zodiac charts to go the distance.

Rabbit & Rat Chinese Horoscope Compatibility Rated 4 Hearts!

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