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Chinese Tiger Zodiac Compatibility – Who Should A Tiger Marry?

Tiger Compatibility: Who is the Best Match for the Tiger Sign?

Read on to know more about the Tiger compatibility in love, marriage, business, friendship and relationships with the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

Tiger Compatibility With Rat:

This Chinese Zodiac compatibility can make for a good love match but they can also be too similar. Both love to be the center of attention so they might compete for the spotlight. They may compete for control in their relationship also. If the Rat can let the Tiger be the front person while he/she really runs things from behind these scenes with his shrewdness, that would be the best solution. But Rat may tire of the situation and Tiger’s mood swings unless they can learn to share. If they can find common ground, they will find they are both caring and generous with those they love.


Tiger and Ox:

Tiger is adventurous and Ox is reserved in Chinese Compatibility. The Tiger is unfocused but Ox is a hard worker. These two have to be committed to making their relationship work. If they are willing, they can learn from their differences. Tiger will have to learn to buckle down to work, which Ox can teach him. Meanwhile, Tiger can teach Ox to loosen up. Both love family so this will be a strong connection for them. Both are honorable and trustworthy. Even though Tiger is moody and unpredictable, this doesn’t mean he/she can’t be trusted and once Ox learns this they will be better off.


Tiger and Tiger:

Two Tigers would be a great match in Chinese astrology compatibility if they can stop arguing over who is in charge. They will be immediately attracted to each other for they both have an animal magnetism about them. They won’t want to fight but they are natural-born leaders. The same goes for the bedroom as well. They have to learn to take turns with who is on top. The Tiger man or Tiger woman requires complete freedom and independence in any relationship. Another Tiger will understand this of course but might not be able to give it all the time. This relationship will take great care and finesse if it is to last.


Tiger Compatibility With Rabbit:

Rabbit is shy and sweet; always putting their partner’s needs ahead of their own. However, with Tiger, Rabbit may end up feeling neglected because Tiger enjoys their freedom and independence in the Chinese Horoscope compatibility. Rabbit may tire of Tiger always winning in a power play as well. But Rabbit would be content to let Tiger take the reins if only Tiger would show appreciation for his Rabbit. If Tiger can learn to show Rabbit that she/he is respected and love Rabbit will feel better. Rabbit is a giver and won’t speak up when feeling mistreated so if they can learn to work together they can be happy.


Tiger and Dragon:

Oh, this can be an interesting and sometimes volatile match! Tiger insists on freedom and independence yet Dragon wants to be in control. How can the Dragon possess the Tiger who does not want to be possessed? But the Dragon will love the challenge and both will appreciate each other’s energy and tenacity. And they have other good qualities as well: both are emotional and fun-loving. They may struggle at times with who is in control and both wanting to do their own thing. But if they learn to be more flexible, they can be a dynamic duo!

Tiger and Snake:

These two will be drawn to each other instantly. They are both charming and attractive. Both have a sociable side and a private side. Snake also has the ability to let Tiger have its freedom. They both enjoy their own quiet time and yet come together to share similar interests also. They have a love for the arts and creativity. Snake may be a bit more intense and possessive than Tiger. Snake may not be able to understand Tiger’s need for independence above all else. Tiger does not need a conventional relationship, in fact, it is just the opposite but Snake does have that need to connect with another person. Hopefully, Tiger not wanting to be tied down doesn’t end what could be a beautiful pair.

Tiger and Horse:

Tiger and Horse are soulmates due to their similarly optimistic outlook on life. Both are energetic and sociable. They love mental and physical activities. However, both can be moody and unpredictable.  Horse must have new experiences to feel alive. This with Tiger’s need for autonomy can make it difficult for them to stay together. The Horse may not understand Tiger’s need for isolation and this may cause Horse to drift away too. Neither of these signs cares for material or financial security and this lack of responsibility can also make their relationship difficult. Their shared interests may keep them together if they really want to be.

Tiger and Sheep:

The Sheep is sensitive and caring but often high-strung. This sign needs plenty of support and encouragement to feel comfortable in Tiger Relationship compatibility. The Tiger might initially enjoy being the protector or shoulder to lean on but the problem is that the more attention Sheep gets the more Sheep wants. The more secure Sheep is in a relationship, the more Goat demands more, and because Tiger is so independent and values freedom above all else, Tiger might find Sheep to be annoying. Sheep also needs creative freedom so it is a careful line these two must walk to make this relationship work but it can be done.

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Tiger and Monkey:

Tiger and Monkey could find their relationship difficult. Monkey is more geared towards personal success while Tiger is more altruistic. Tiger love compatibility may view Monkey as selfish, materialistic, or even underhanded. Monkey may consider Tiger irrational and idealistic. Tiger may feel neglected due to Monkey’s work and love of trying new experiences. Monkey may stray because he/she loves to do new things. Monkey also likes to take charge so these two might fight a lot. If they are to remain together, Monkey will have to be more sensitive to Tiger’s needs and Tiger will need to lighten up and join Monkey in some new experiences.

Tiger Compatibility With Rooster:

Both are noble souls who want to help others. Rooster Tiger’s marriage compatibility wants perfection, which is hard enough for anyone to do but when Tiger is told what to do, Tiger wants to run. Both are brilliant intellectually and able to complement each other. Rooster is more practical than Tiger who may be too abstract or unreliable for Rooster. Also, the Rooster is also shy and reserved while Tiger delights in flaunting their individuality. Rooster also needs more commitment and stability than Tiger may be able to give. These two will respect each other but will have to learn to give more to each other if they are to last.

Tiger and Dog:

Tiger and Dog share common values and beliefs. Dogs value honor, truth, and justice. Thus Tiger and Dog understand each other and will help each other to do good things in the world. The more optimistic people born in the year of the Tiger can help Dog lighten up and look on the bright side. Both can be stubborn though so if they disagree it will be hard for either one to come around. Dog can also be moody and emotional which Tiger may tire of. Neither is very good at practical matters or running home but they won’t mind and will clean up their messes together. Hopefully, they can do this with their lives and their differences as well as their home.

Tiger and Pig:

Pig compatibility values connection and support from his partner along with stable home life. He/she may find Tiger’s lone wolf character hard to understand. Both are sexy and sensual and will enjoy their romantic life and lovemaking.  Tiger won’t mind playing with Pig at home for a while but eventually, he will need to roam again. As long as Tiger continues to give Pig much reassurance and support it will make it easier for Boar to give Tiger his/her independence. Pig is kind, good-natured, and generous so that will make it easier for these two to get along long term.

Tiger Relationship Compatibility: Conclusion

Chinese Tiger has good love compatibility with Dragon, Horse, and Pig, while it conflicts with the Chinese zodiac Ox, Tiger, Snake, and Monkey. The year 2022 predicts a good period for Tiger in general. Love relationships will require more attention. They will be successful with a positive outlook.

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