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December 18 Famous Birthdays

December 18 Famous Birthdays

Famous Sagittarius born on DECEMBER 18 make their parents very proud. They have taken life skills and put them to the true test. People treat them with respect and most take a friendly attitude towards them… well, at least some people.


Other people are not so friendly but will make them think otherwise. They are a bundle of joy and laughter. Their attitude is something to be admired and mirrored. As a leader or boss, they treat everyone fairly and base each person on their own merits.


As Sagittarius’ shortcomings, famous celebrities born on December 18 could be a little short on patience. Especially when it comes to love. They love the idea of being in love but they should take more time and get to know someone before making a commitment.


They could save themselves some heartache and pain this way. They love to travel to new places and do things that they haven’t done before. The trip wouldn’t be as nice if they didn’t have a companion to share the experience with.

Famous people born on DECEMBER 18th can be dashing. They’re most definitely smart. To top it off, the Sagittarius born today is as friendly as a shady tree on a hot sunny day. Their friends say that they are fearless but kind. They have a reputation for being adventurous.

December 18 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

18 December Good Traits:

  • Fearless
  • Clever
  • Friendly
  • Kind
  • Tenacious
  • Sensitive
  • Strong
  • Dedicated
  • Loving
  • Levelheaded
  • Positive

18 December Bad Traits:

  • Unrealistic
  • Proud
  • Secretive
  • Weak
  • Impatient
  • Overprotective

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December 18 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adelayo Adedayo, 1988, TV Actress
Alan Porter, 1977, Umpire
Alan Rudolph, 1943, Screenwriter
Alejandro Felipe, 1998, Soap Opera Actor
Alejandro Sanz, 1968, World Music Singer
Alex Caplow, 1989, Rock Singer
Alfred Bester, 1913, Novelist
Ali Spagnola, 1993, Vine Star
Allan Kayser, 1963, TV Actor
AM Homes, 1961, Novelist
Ana Porgras, 1993, Gymnast
Angie Stone, 1961, Soul Singer
Ann Serrano, 1960, Family Member
Anna Nooshin, 1986, YouTube Star
Anna Walton, 1979, Movie Actress
Anthony McFarland, 1977, Football Player
Arthur Roy Mitchell, 1889, Cartoonist
Aruto Cruz, 1923, Politician

Ashley Benson, 1989, TV Actress
Ashley Slanina-davies, 1989, Soap Opera Actress
Axwell, 1977, DJ
Barkha Dutt, 1971, Journalist
Benjamin Watson, 1980, Football Player
Bernardo De Irigoyen, 1822, Politician
Betty Grable, 1916, Movie Actress
Bill Posey, 1947, Politician
Bill Skowron, 1930, Baseball Player
Bobby Keys, 1943, Saxophonist
Boris Volynov, 1934, Astronaut
Brad Pitt, 1963, Movie Actor
Brent Venables, 1970, Basketball Coach
Brian Boyle, 1984, Hockey Player
Brian Orser, 1961, Figure Skater
Bridgit Mendler, 1992, TV Actress
Bridie Carter, 1970, TV Actress
december 18 famous birthdaysByron Buxton, 1993, Baseball Player
Cameron Moore, 1997, TV Actor
Carl Washington, 1978, Screenwriter
Carlotta LaNier, 1942, Civil Rights Leader
Casper Van Dien, 1968, TV Actor
Celeste Betton, 1987, Gospel Singer
Charles Oakley, 1963, Basketball Player
Charles Wesley, 1707, Religious Leader
Chas Chandler, 1938, Bassist
Christina Aguilera, 1980, Pop Singer
Cicely Tyson, 1924, Movie Actress
CJ Senter, 2000, Bodybuilder
Cledus T. Judd, 1964, Country Singer
Cowboy Troy, 1970, Country Singer
Cpt RageTastic, 1998, YouTube Star
D-Jukes, 1984, Rapper
Dallas Clayton, 1979, Children’s Author
Dan Lydiate, 1987, Rugby Player
Daniel Cleary, 1978, Hockey Player

Dario Mangiarotti, 1915, Fencer
David A Johnston, 1949, Scientist
David Chipperfield, 1953, Architect
David O’Doherty, 1975, Comedian
Diane Disney Miller, 1933, Family Member
DJ Lethal, 1972, DJ
DMX, 1970, Rapper
Douglas Fraser, 1956, Entrepreneur
E.bright Wilson, 1908, Scientist
Eddie Cleanhead Vinson, 1917, Saxophonist
Edmund Kemper, 1948, Criminal
Edward MacDowell, 1860, Composer
Edwin Howard Armstrong, 1890, Scientist
Elizabeth Stanton, 1995, TV Show Host
Elliot Easton, 1953, Guitarist
Elliott Bennett, 1988, Soccer Player
Emily Atack, 1989, TV Actress
Erica Rivera, 1988, Movie Actress
Ethan Maher, 2007, Family Member
Faruk Pita, 1990, eSports Player

Fletcher Henderson, 1897, Pianist
Francois Hamelin, 1986, Speed Skater
Frankie Crocker, 1937, DJ
Frankie Holden, 1952, Rock Singer
Franz Ferdinand, 1863, Politician
Freddie Steele, 1912, Boxer
Fuse Akira, 1947, World Music Singer
Gene Shue, 1931, Basketball Coach
George Stevens, 1904, Director
Gillian Armstrong, 1950, Director
Gillian Spencer, 1939, Soap Opera Actress
Gladys Cooper, 1888, Movie Actress
Graciano Lopez Jaena, 1856, Journalist
Gus Welch, 1892, Football Player
Hana Soukupova, 1985, Model
Hannah Gogan, 1998, YouTube Star
Harold Land, 1928, Saxophonist
Harvey Atkin, 1942, Movie Actor
Henrietta Edwards, 1849, Politician
Hoai Linh, 1969, Comedian
Isabella Cramp, 2004, TV Actress
Jabari Brown, 1992, Basketball Player
Jack Brooks, 1922, Politician
Jack Crompton, 1921, Soccer Player
Jack Lawrence, 1976, Bassist
Jacques Pepin, 1935, Chef
Jake Koehler, 1991, YouTube Star
James Butler, 1972, Boxer
James Miller, 1968, Director
Jason Mantzoukas, 1972, TV Actor
Jean Pronovost, 1945, Hockey Player
Jeff Kober, 1953, TV Actor
Jery Sandoval, 1986, TV Actress
Jim West, 1953, Guitarist
Joe Russo, 1976, Drummer
John Leventhal, 1952, Film Producer
John Shanks, 1964, Rock Singer
John Zaffis, 1955, Reality Star
Jordyn Bensyl, 1997, YouTube Star
Jordyn-Grace Duggar, 2008, Reality Star
Jose Adolfo Valencia, 1991, Soccer Player
Joseph John Thomson, 1856, Scientist
Joseph Stalin, 1878, World Leader
Josh Dallas, 1981, Movie Actor
Jules Auguste Muraire, 1883, Movie Actor
Jules Dassin, 1911, Director
Justice Domingo, 1997, Dancer
K’ron, 1994, R&B Singer
Kaitlyn Farrington, 1989, Snowboarder
Kari Byron, 1974, TV Show Host
Kate Johnson, 1978, Rower
Katie Holmes, 1978, TV Actress
Kaylee Schoen, 1992, YouTube Star
Keith Richards, 1943, Guitarist
Kellie Sweet, 1996, YouTube Star
Kim Couture, 1975, MMA Fighter
Kimpoy Feliciano, 1992, YouTube Star
Koyuki, 1976, Movie Actress
KronIsMusic, 1994, Vine Star
Krystyna Janda, 1952, Movie Actress
Lalchand Rajput, 1961, Cricket Player
Lance Carter, 1974, Baseball Player
Larry Mann, 1922, Voice Actor
Lauren Himle, 1990, Reality Star
Laurent Voulzy, 1948, Rock Singer
Lei Feng, 1940, War Hero
Leila Arcieri, 1973, Model
Leonard Maltin, 1950, TV Show Host
Lindsay Armaou, 1980, Pop Singer
Lizzie Armitstead, 1988, Cyclist
Louis Thern, 1848, Pianist
Lucy Edwards, 1995, YouTube Star
Lucy Worsley, 1973, Novelist
Luke Cameron, 1988, Novelist
Lynn Bari, 1913, Movie Actress
Mac Guttenberg, 1994, YouTube Star
Makiko Esumi, 1966, TV Actress
Marc Minardi, 1986, TV Actor
Marcus Butler, 1991, YouTube Star
Marian Dragulescu, 1980, Gymnast
Marilyn Flores, 1996, YouTube Star
Mark Rosman, 1959, Screenwriter
Martin Fowler, 1963, Engineer
Matt McGrath, 1875, Hammer Thrower
Max Blumenthal, 1977, Novelist
Michele Monos, 1984, YouTube Star
Miki Ando, 1987, Figure Skater
Mille Petrozza, 1967, Metal Singer
Murphy Lee, 1978, Rapper
Mustafa Zahid, 1984, Rock Singer
Nastasia Townsend, 1987, Reality Star
Natalia Kelly, 1994, Pop Singer
Natalie Gal, 1985, Model
Nelly Karim, 1974, Movie Actress
Nina Wadia, 1968, Soap Opera Actress
Norm Provan, 1932, Rugby Player
Norman Brown, 1970, Guitarist
Ossie Davis, 1917, Movie Actor
Patricio Lynch, 1825, War Hero
Paul Klee, 1879, Painter
Peggy Cummins, 1925, Movie Actress
Peter Sarnak, 1953, Mathematician
Phil Heath, 1979, Bodybuilder
Pierre Thomas, 1984, Football Player
Rachel Griffiths, 1968, TV Actress
Rah Digga, 1974, Rapper
Randy Castillo, 1950, Drummer
Randy Houser, 1975, Country Singer
Rashid Sumaila, 1992, Soccer Player
Ravi Patel, 1978, TV Actor
Ray Liotta, 1954, Movie Actor
Rian Dawson, 1987, Drummer
Rikki Six, 1990,
Rob Van Dam, 1970, Wrestler
Robert Benfer, 1987, YouTube Star
Robert Leckie, 1920, Non-Fiction Author
Robert Moses, 1888, Engineer
Robert Oberg, 1991, YouTube Star
Robert Wahlberg, 1967, Movie Actor
Robson Green, 1964, TV Actor
Roger E Mosley, 1938, TV Actor
Roger Smith, 1932, TV Actor
Roland All4TubeKids, 1971, YouTube Star
Roland Delorme, 1983, MMA Fighter
Ron White, 1956, Comedian
Rory Marshall, 1978, Model
Rosemary Leach, 1935, TV Actress
Rosmeri Marval, 1991, TV Actress
Saki, 1870, Playwright
Sam Andrew, 1941, Rock Singer
Shauna Robertson, 1974, Film Producer
Shawn Patrick Christian, 1965, TV Actor
Shruti Seth, 1977, TV Actress
Sia, 1975, Pop Singer
Sierra Kay, 1990, Rock Singer
Smiley, 1980, Reggae Singer
Sophie Elise Isachsen, 1994, Blogger
Steve Biko, 1946, Civil Rights Leader
Steven Spielberg, 1946, Director
Stone Cold Steve Austin, 1964, Wrestler
Tara Conner, 1985, Reality Star
Ted Noten, 1956, Conceptual Artist
Tiffany Mulheron, 1984, Movie Actress
TK Carter, 1956, Comedian
Trish Stratus, 1975, Wrestler
Ty Cobb, 1886, Baseball Player
Uli Jon Roth, 1954, Guitarist
Usman Khawaja, 1986, Cricket Player
Victor Hedman, 1990, Hockey Player
Victoria Pratt, 1970, TV Actress
Vijay Mallya, 1955, Politician
Wadada Leo Smith, 1941, Composer
Wes Hampton, 1977, Gospel Singer
Wilf Carter, 1904, Country Singer
William Howitt, 1792, Non-Fiction Author
Willy Brandt, 1913, Politician
Yuki Furukawa, 1987, TV Actor
Yuri Nikulin, 1921, Movie Actor


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