Chameleon Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Chameleon Animal Totem Symbolism

The chameleon is a curious little creature. It makes its way slowly in the trees, but it always sees to know what it is doing. The creature looks like it is thinking about its next move, rather than acting impulsively.

When you come across this animal totem, you may be moving as slowly as this creature. You need to be able to take some time to think about where you’re going next and what you are going to do when you get there. The chameleon animal spirit could easily replace the tortoise in the tortoise and the hare story, as this creature also paces itself in life and is slow, but steady, in all of its actions. The chameleon symbol represents many peaceful things, and it is indeed an animal that even humans can learn from.

As many people already know, the chameleon spirit is a small lizard-like reptile that makes its home in many different tropical environments, as well as in pet stores. One of the chameleons most identifiable characteristics is that the creature seems to be able to change its color at will.

While it is well known that chameleons can change their color to blend in with their environment so that they can hide from predators that may want to do them harm, the chameleon can also change their color to match their moods and to impress potential mates.

Another physical feature of the chameleon that makes it special from other animals is that the chameleon can move one of its eyes at a time. Chameleons do most of their hunting by simply waiting, watching, and striking when the right moment comes. So, what can we learn about ourselves from the chameleon’s natural physical features? And what does the chameleon spirit guide’s physical features help to symbolize?

Chameleon Reptile Associated Traits

Calm, Peaceful, Slow, Steady, Watchful, Patient, Individualistic, Adaptive, Curious


Symbolic Meaning Of Chameleon

Let’s begin with the chameleon’s hunting technique. The chameleon animal totem waits patiently for it’s prey. It is not anxious or troubled when they need to wait. They know that it is simply a part of life. Because of this, it is no wonder that the chameleon symbolizes patience in many cultures.

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The chameleon symbol also stands for stability, perception and determination. You need to look around your surrounding to find what you need, and you need to work your hardest to get these things, even if it means that you need to wait for it.

The chameleon animal guide can change its colors at will, and this could make it seem deceptive, but instead, many cultures see this as a trait that better relates to individualism. The idea that the chameleon bends to its own will reflects the way that people can change themselves at will, if they put the effort that is needed into the change.

The chameleon spiritual totem knows what it needs to survive, and so do people, even if what they need is not obvious at first. Because of this animal’s color-changing ability, it makes a great symbol of change. Also, since the chameleon can change based on its moods, it makes a wonderful symbol for emotion.

It is said that if you dream of a chameleon animal totem, that there will be something in your life that you will need to adapt to. However, chameleons can also symbolize adaption, as they are great at it. So, although you may need to change, you too can be flexible like the chameleon, and the change should not be difficult for you.

Dreaming about the chameleon symbol may also mean that you feel hidden, as chameleons often hide in their environments to avoid detection. If you don’t like feeling like you are being over-looked, then you should change your colors, like the chameleon does.

There is a lot that humans can learn from the curious and ever-changing chameleon symbolic meanings. The symbolism around the chameleon fits the animal perfectly, but it can also fit humans well too. You too can be like the chameleon if you try – patient, curious, stable and adaptive.

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