Crane Fly Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Crane Fly Insect Animal Totem Symbolism

Crane flies, also commonly referred to as mosquito hawks or daddy long legs. They are interesting insect animal totems that are often overlooked because of their seeming simplicity. To discard them as unimportant, however, would be a tragic error.

Symbolically, the crane flies represent a variety of virtues that humans should aim to practice, including logic, reasoning, creativity, balance, contemplation, stability, and imagination.

However, like many other insects in a functioning ecosystem, crane flies exist for the purpose of survival through reproduction.

Their entire lives are spent in the pursuit of a single goal, causing them to be dedicated and driven to making each moment count.

As such, they serve as a constant reminder to appreciate and utilize the life-span that we have, making wise decisions in regards to what to occupy our precious time with.

Crane Fly Associated Traits

Logic, Reasoning, Introspection, Balance, Creativity, Patience, Desire


Symbolic Meaning Of Crane Fly

These simple creatures actually symbolize the humanity’s ultimate concern: the meaning of life. Crane flies as animal totems remind us to fill our lives with passions that make us joyous and to take care not to waste our time.

Many a scholar has questioned the purpose of our existence since the beginning of time, and people continue to obsess over this idea today. Every day, people attempt to identify their true purpose and question whether they have taken the right path in achieving it.

While it is certainly valuable and natural to introspect in this manner, the crane fly symbolism reminds us of the importance of giving our best in the present. This is the only way to achieve success in both the here and now as well as in the future.

Individuals must utilize their period of life thoughtfully and intelligently by employing the above-mentioned virtues. Additionally, people must not take opportunities for granted. Like the crane fly, we never know when (or if) another opportunity will present itself.

Because of this factor, it is necessary that each person show the world what they can do when they are given the chance. This chance might be subtle, requiring the individual to exercise judgement, good reason, and a bit of boldness. Creativity, patience, desire, and admiration can take a person far, just as they do with crane flies.

Celtic Animal Birth Sign Reading

Date of Birth:

Unlike most insects, crane flies animal totem have a connection to both water and air, making them incredibly diverse in their symbolism. On the one hand, air is associated with representations of consideration and thoughtfulness, characteristics that concern our approach to interactions with others.

On the other hand, water more closely relates to the fluidity of our own feelings and reactions. The most logical way to interpret this binary is to presume that both sides are equally important to living a conscientious and balanced existence.

Furthermore, we can learn from the ways that crane flies approach their surroundings, specifically in regards to their way of life. They are harmless creatures that neither target other animals nor damage resources and other living things in the environment.

They consume only what they require to survive. Each action and choice they make is made with consideration, inventiveness, and intention, and this reflects exactly how humans’ choices should be made.

Another major meaning in the symbolic nature of crane flies concerns resourcefulness and reason. In a defensive situation, these insects are capable of sacrificing one of their legs in order to escape being eaten by a predator. Crane flies shed a limb with no trouble because they recognize it as the providing them with the most optimal chance of survival.

This tactic shows us that sometimes we need to be resourceful and make sacrifices in order to survive and continue on. Additionally, the legs themselves have their own symbolism. The four legs represent the basic pillars of stability for the animal.

They prompt us to recognize and assess our own core stability system, and their willingness to sacrifice a weak link shows us that sometimes we need to be strong enough to do the same.

Symbols typically present themselves to people when they need them most, and crane flies are no different. As they normally keep to themselves and live peacefully away from others, you should take care to be attentive and receptive if one presents itself to you.

Do not take the small animal totems’ messages for granted. Crane flies are thought to show up as guide in your life when you need change, new knowledge, a re-balance, or a reminder to be attentive.

Remember to live intentionally and with purpose, absorbing and responding to life’s signals just as they do. Do not let life pass you by.

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