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Cancer Rising Sign: Authority Figure

Cancer Rising: Create Strong Foundation

Cancer rising meaning indicates that you should never doubt your potential because you have the ability to push yourself forward. On the other hand, no one should discourage you from going after the life that you admire. Actually, your happiness will come when everyone you love becomes successful. In other words, you should hope for the best for the people around you, and you will have blessings in your life. Equally, it would help if you never underestimated the potential that you have because you can handle things that no one can ever imagine.


Moreover, Cancer ascendant brings the idea of caring and loving everyone unconditionally. Besides, it is a blessing to love the people around you no matter what. Also, you should deal with things in a just manner to avoid any inconveniences in your life. Let everyone get the share they deserve without complaint. Notably, you have to stand for those who are weak to get their fair share also. No one deserves to be treated unfairly.


Cancer Rising Significance

Planetary Ruler: Moon
Symbol: The Crab
Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Lucky Colors: Red, Yellow, White
Numbers: 2, 7, 9
Lucky Gemstones: Pearl
Days: Monday, Thursday
Lucky Direction: North
Cancer Rising Compatibility: Scorpio, Pisces
Cancer Rising Celebrities: M.C. Hammer, Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Vincent Van Gogh


Cancer Rising Sign Personality Traits

People with Cancer rising signs in their horoscope are also easily influenced by almost everything. This is one ascendant sign that could easily be described as the epitome of moodiness. This star sign’s moods can change in an instant. Cancer ascendants often come across as irritable and impatient, yet they are also very kind and gentle people.


Cancer Rising Ascendant

Cancer Rising people are introverts, no doubt. They take quite a while to warm up to someone. But, after the connection has been made, they quickly become caring and affectionate, always aiming to please the one they opened up to, avoiding confrontation at all costs.Cancer Rising people are introverts and take quite a while to warm up to someone.

Simply put, they are very sensitive souls. Because others easily influence this zodiac sign, it is important to be careful what you say to them. The tiniest remark might set them off. No matter your intentions, they could take your joke the wrong way.

And beware, the Cancer ascendant also has a lot of trouble letting go of past memories. It’s as if they cannot forget how they felt, and they do not want it. They “feel” more the average sun sign. It’s just who they are.

Cancer Rising Celebrity

It’s this same sensitivity that gives them an almost psychic quality. They are like sponges. They easily soak up what others around them are feeling. It’s as if they already know what you feel before you do. And with that, they adapt to you. Feeling your pain, your joy, your sadness, your jubilation.

Being so emotionally intuitive opens people with their ascendant in Cancer up to a vivid imagination, one that is hyper-aware of the world around them. They often have an affinity for the creative arts due to this characteristic. They are able to passionately relate emotions the rest of the world hides or overlooks.

Cancer Rising Appearance

Likewise, the Cancer rising man and woman have a sensually attractive body. Their hips are usually broad and curvaceous in the case of females. It is normal to gain weight and develop love handles due to this in their later years. The body shape is short and stocky, thus giving them a crab-like look. Their face is round-shaped and usually very pleasing to look at.

Cancer Ascendant In Love

Casual relationships are not in the Cancer rising sign’s vocabulary. Every relationship must be intimate. Otherwise, it will not happen. They are loyal in relationships, even devoted to a fault, in some cases. And they will defend their loved ones whether they are right or wrong.

Cancer ascendants tend to look for their security outside of themselves – at home, in the workplace, in love. This could be in the form of a stable profession or a loving partner.

They do not look first to become secure within themselves but instead to find something that is secure. They will easily fall in love with someone who embodies this strength and security, and in many cases, this person will manifest as an authority figure for them.

Is Cancer Ascendant Attractive?

Cancer ascendant signs also have a knack for business. They are some of the most fiscally prudent of the zodiac and very careful with money. Remember that money is also an element of the security and safety they so desire for many of these star signs.

Although Cancer Rising may possess these and many other talents, they often go unrecognized by the majority of those around them. Due to this, they are constantly seeking unrequited recognition, leaving them feeling unappreciated and begging for praise. They need this to feel secure.

Cancer Rising Astrology

Being so concerned with security, Cancer rising sign people in astrology are also heavily focused on the home. Their homes are their sanctuaries, often comfortable, warm and full. Basically, you should make your home beautiful because that is the place where you will spend most of your time. Also, your home should be welcoming in such a way that everyone is free to come.

They have the tendency to hoard, drawing on the fact that they do not often let go of anything, be it tangible or emotional possessions. They cling. Imagine them clinging to the wind, letting it take them where ever it may go, so long as it is a wind that never dies.


Cancer rising sign wants you to be courageous because that is the only aspect that will push you forward. Actually, fear will make your life miserable because you will not dare to face life the way it should be. Therefore, your future depends on how brave you are to adjust to change. Actually, what matters in life is the progress that you undergo after facing different changes. Equally, courage is the key driver to a successful future.

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