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Lucky Feng Shui Tips For Your Bed Comforter

How To Feng Shui Your Bed Comforter?

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging your environment to attract positive energy. The placement of objects in space affects your inner life—furniture, artwork, and symbols. For your bedroom, Feng Shui can help promote better and longer sleep. The bed comforter is a large block of color, pattern, and influence on the sleep space. Following these Feng Shui tips for optimizing will help you sleep better with a good bed comforter.


By optimizing the flow and balancing your surroundings, you can attract benefits from their influence to create positive changes in your sleep cycles.

If You Only Do One Room, Make It Your Bedroom

But how much you will sleep directly affects all of your waking hours. If you sleep poorly, you are less inspired and productive and likely to have less-than-ideal social interactions. It might be stress or another external factor playing on your mind, causing your restless sleep, but your sleep environment is a factor you can control.


By creating a better energy flow in your sleep space, you are reducing the friction of energies that will also get quality rest. You can also avoid unintentionally bringing lively forces into your space of sleep and relaxation.

Setting up your bedroom using Feng Shui will help promote deeper and more peaceful sleep. Even when you’re busy, you can find an oasis of comfort and serenity in your bedroom. And a new bed comforter is one of the easiest ways to start making changes to your room.


#1. Generate Grounding by Using the Earth Element

The earth element is very grounding and helps promote peace and stability. You can incorporate earth tones throughout your bedroom, and your bed comforter would be an easy place to start. Earth tones that are warm and inviting will make you want to get into bed and shut off your brain at the end of the day. Avoid other elements meant to energize and will keep disrupting your rest.


#2. Feng Shui says to Avoid Animals or Faces Print for your Bed Comforter

Our subconscious picks up on so much of our environment, and during sleep, we are most susceptible to what our minds notice about what is around us. Animals or faces are not an excellent choice to have in front of your eyes before trying to relax and sleep. Anything with regard will distract your mind and cause restlessness at night.

#3. Skip Busy Patterns

In addition to prints with eyes, they try to avoid busy patterns. It can be the same as clutter, a significant interruption to energy flow. If you do want some pattern, consider stripes or another consistent pattern. You could also go with a graceful and gentle design, like ripples, creating a sense of ease and flow.

#4. Promote Peace by Steering Clear of Strong Emotions

Hence intense colors can bring out strong emotions. Even though red can be considered very romantic, it is not the right choice when using your bedroom to sleep. Try to use color to set the mood. Try out mobile things that can quickly move in and out of the room. You could use flowers or candles to bring in romantic reds. Alongside reds, also avoid oranges and bright pinks. All these colors give your room an energizing feel when you need to settle down and relax your mind.

#5. Choose Soothing Colours

Try a warm or pastel pink to keep the bed and comforter romantic. This way, you can match the color’s warmth or soothing tone. Other pastel colors of blue, green, and yellow are good choices for a bed comforter that eases the eyes and mind. Greys or silver are also neutral tones that give off a relaxing vibe. Try brighter yellows or spring greens if you want a vibrant tone on your bed. These two colors promote rejuvenation.

#6. A Rich, Soft Fabric is Ideal

Don’t cheap out on the fabric if you start with your bed comforter in your Feng Shui bedroom transformation. So  Choose a bedspread that gives a feel of luxury. When you feel lavish and comfortable, this promotes a sense of security.

But anything rough or scratchy will subconsciously remind you that you are on edge and maybe not in a good financial position. Keeping the negative impacts out while giving yourself a sense of prosperity will provide you with a much more peaceful night’s rest.

#7. Keep your Feng Shui Bed Comforter In Balance

So Bearing that Feng Shui is about balance and placement, your bed comforter will be a focal point in the room and should be in harmony with other pieces of your sleep space. This is especially true for young and yang elements.

If you have dark furniture, lighter colors for your comforter are best. Likewise, if you have more delicate furnishings and walls, it is okay to go with a rich earth tone, like terra cotta. Another way to keep balance is to ensure symmetry in the bed comforter’s pattern.

Personalize Your Feng Shui

So your bedroom is an intimate space and should feel like your oasis that you can retreat to after a day’s work. Make sure you keep it personal and choose elements that you enjoy. You can still add splashes of color and your flare. Remember that most of your time in your bedroom is spent sleeping, so you want to promote rest first and foremost.

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