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Symbolism Associated with Tarot Cards

Tarot cards and Symbolism

The tarot is usually a playing card with a fascinating history with an incredible sense of value. Over time, it has been linked to divinations as used by mystic creatures and creative individuals. These cards contain a pictogram, and a title believed to represent various concepts and contexts like the normal playing cards. The general idea is that once dealt with, and they have a revelatory function to serve the participant. Let us read about tarot card symbolism.

As time passed, many designs, patterns, numerical values, regional styles, and more have been used to represent tarot symbols. Even though the tarot’s interpretational purpose is essential, its link to psychic intuition and divination cannot be overemphasized. Putting aside varying cultural beliefs, the prospect of tarot reading focuses on seeing future events as well as unraveling them.


Tarot as a symbolic Oracle helps locate a common ground between our minds and our souls with conviction; clarifying symbolic details depends on the meaning assigned to it.

Importantly, the style of tarot card spread is of value. After shuffling, spread out the lot in front of you. Allow for inner guidance to choose.  This is known as the three-card time frame range. The three (left, center, and right cards) represent the past, the present, and the future; illumination for the past, clarity for the present, and revelation for the future. A significant difference in translation varies only from deck to deck.

Tarot and Armor symbolism

Armor: this symbolizes protection from an unforeseen evil. Shield from harm. For others, it is called Knights. It usually depicts honor, strength, and action. It shows a need for refuge and shelter. Sanctuary for self and others sometimes.


Bird: A bird symbolizes freedom, and higher thoughts sometimes. Independence. It represents freedom from bondage. It might sometimes mean moving onto a higher level.

Angel: when angels come up during a reading, it has a different significance. It could mean divine intervention, peace, inspiration for ideas and growth, or a messenger of good tidings.


Blindfold: as simple as it implies, might mean darkness, the need for clarity, or an eye-opener to a secret. It might also indicate a need to move forward or an unwillingness to adapt to change. In honesty to ourselves, we need to view issues from different perspectives.

Arch: they are symbolic meanings for opportunity, avenues, or openings. For a new path, or direction for the Inquirer, maybe business or job.

Bull: the bull represents authority and passion for power. As for the zodiac-related decks, they believe it to signify stubbornness, opposition, etc.


Butterfly: Shown on the king and queen cards, these beautiful creatures are known to go through several growth phases before the transformation. Their life cycle indicates what humans do to earn a better living. It is eventually worth it. Beauty and grace are the outcomes as nothing good comes easy.

Tarot and Children

Children: They are a representation of productivity — the happiness and joy many long for. For some, it signifies new beginnings, the future, or perhaps, an entirely new outlook on the world as a whole.

Castle: Besides showing individuals’ physical needs, it shows a level of success and maybe a height of achievement. It might also be the desire of a man’s heart or an answer to another’s prayer.

2 cups: This shows two cups clinking without separation. It is a bond made by blood or marriage. It foretells an imminent bonding between two individuals. But, it might also reveal an unknown blood tie.

Water: Usually a symbol of tranquility, balance, and equilibrium. Waterfalls, however, show the flow of emotions, about the subconscious. It only means we are not in control sometimes of our emotions. Water is power; it takes a course in any and many directions. But rest assured, water nonetheless knows its source.

Triangles: In Ancient times, triangles were seen as a symbol of intelligence. Some saw it as the unity of the past, present, future events, spirit, soul, and body. The orientation of a triangle matters more. Point-up might mean stability, a strong foundation, and some other related masculine elements. The point-down triangle may show descent and feminine features such as water and earth elements.

Sun: every creation is dependent on the existence of nature’s most natural resource. It is not just an energy source; it aids growth, innovation, and recreation. Rising connotes newness and setting endings.

Tarot and Lion Meaning

Lion: The lion stands for bravery, valor, royalty, courage, and strength. In ancient mythology, the lion is viewed as both a savior and predator. Reading this kind of card calls for reflection of bravery.

Scrolls or Books: These deal with knowledge and power—Scrolls-Power in the form of history that’s been recorded over time as sacred and secretive. Books- involves the learning process on the way to attaining knowledge.

Heart: This stands for many emotions—Joy, sorrow, pity, love, affection, hate, concern e t etc. The heart is the powerhouse of existence. Once faulty, a man may fall. It also represents conscience as well as thoughts towards matters. We read this with care, for ourselves, and other people about various relationships.

Ropes: This defines obstruction, restriction, binding, or confinement. Ropes are sure to come with knots, and those put into play our quest for freedom from captivity. The more they struggle, the tighter the binds become.

Fire: displays as much destructive emotion as a constructive one. Fire is an energy source of power, inspiration, coordination, ambition, and passion. The flames, whether they burn high or low, depend on the heart. It is no news that any plan or decision starts from the heart. In many faiths, fire shows rekindling, the test of patience, and it could also be complete chaos.

Tarot and Rain

Rain: Besides its natural functions such as provision, purification, and sustenance of life. The rain might work as a bridge between old and new. When the rain washes off something, it never remains the same. Because of the imagery, one must be careful in determining what feature is washed away. Luckily, after a wash off the land is left moist and fertile.

Dog: Known as a human’s best friend and companion. It foretells loyalty, companionship, and honesty. When this appears on the card, we should keep in check where our loyalties lie. But if it’s lacking, we should then make amends. It could also mean that we are on the right track when making a choice.

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