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Locket Dream Meaning

What Does A Locket in Your Dream Mean? – Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Understanding Locket Dream and Its Meaning in Your Waking Hours

Seeing a maiden dreaming of having a locket on her neck means she will soon marry and have beautiful children. Based on the locket dream symbolism, losing a locket in your dreams means that you will lose someone close to you to death. It will hurt for a while, but you must move on.

A man dreaming of a woman returning a locket he gave her signifies suspicion of adultery from his partner.


If someone places a locket on your neck in your dream, you will experience good luck in all aspects of your life. Things are working out for the better for you. Appreciate the blessings that keep flowing in your life.

Dreaming of broken lockets means that something you have wanted for a long time will not materialize. This dream signifies that you will lose out on important opportunities due to happenings beyond your control.

According to the locket dream dictionary, dreaming of wearing a locket signifies your openness to receiving love.

A heart locket in your dreamscape is a message from your subconscious mind that you should be careful about the people you open your heart to. Keep yourself safe. Do what you can to protect yourself from hurt.


Dreaming of a heart locket is also a sign that you should treasure your relationships with people you hold close to your heart.

The locket dream symbol signifies allowing happiness and joy into your life. Ensure that your interactions with people are peaceful. Harmony thrives in your family. Everything is working out for the better, and this guarantees you happiness.

Dreaming people gifting you a locket means you have great leadership skills that people appreciate. Continue being the good person that people know you to be.

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