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Animal Totems As A Life Saver

Animal Totems As A Life Saver

Whether you are new or are a veteran to the realm of understanding natural energy through a spiritual lens, forming and maintaining a connection with your animal totem(s) can be challenging, to say the least.

In your exploration, you will undoubtedly be flooded with various information and potential interpretations that might seem a bit overwhelming or inapplicable to your current set of circumstances.

However, do not let this deter you from continuing on your spiritual quest. Like any relationship, it requires effort, give-and-take, honesty, and time. Explore the animal totem and other natural symbolic meanings. Identify your personal totem, and understand its spiritual messages and teachings. This is a journey filled with exploration, and, in order for this journey to be successful, you must be willing to follow a few crucial steps.

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How To Understand Your Animal Totem?

It isn’t enough to only recognize animal and natural totems. One must have the knowledge of how to interpret and use them. Our concepts of how to go about this comes mainly through teachings from the Native Americans, as they are highly attuned with their spiritual sides.

Across Native American cultures, people have strong beliefs regarding all aspects of nature and its power. The gods that they believe in are often portrayed as animals, or at least they were in the past. Animals in particular are thought to have special powers, such as healing, and were frequently represented for medicinal purposes.

Therefore, we view animal totems as possessing a medicine that is beneficial for our spiritual well-being. Natural elements also possess these powerful qualities. For example, the wind breathes into our spirits while trees speak of wisdom.

Accessing the medicine that animals and natural elements possess involves a certain degree of concentration, awareness, open-mindedness and reflection.

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When we actively work to be more aware and in tune with our natural surroundings, we enable ourselves to learn a lot about ourselves and our true character. Our true needs and desires make themselves known when we allow them to, making the right path(s) seem more obvious and easy to follow.

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Nature and our environment are always ready to share their wisdom and knowledge with us. We need only listen. Sometimes the messages are mere reaffirmations. Other times, you may be quite surprised at what symbolism of animal totems have to say to you.

For example, stories have surfaced of people experiencing a danger in their lives. They people have reported that their spirit guide appeared to them, either physically or mentally, right in the nick of time. By focusing on and channeling the messages of our spirit totems symbols, we enable ourselves to be calm and to think clearly under stressful circumstances. Never underestimate the power of your animal totem and what it can inspire in you.

Invoking Your Animal Totem

Examples of invoking the animal totems range from daily meditation to life-changing events. You might be walking down the street, not paying attention. At the last second you might see your totem or something that reminds you of it and stop. Just then a car or train goes whizzing by. In this case, it would be safe to say that your spiritual totem was looking out for you and saved you.

A totem can also save you from experiencing pain, whether physical or emotional. For example, a totem symbolizing self-protection, intuition, and accurate perception of character might speak to you particularly blatantly when you are on the cusp of a new relationship. This animal guide would be prompting you to think more clearly about the person you’re choosing to share your life with.

What are their true characteristics? What do you truly want for yourself, and is this a person who could help you achieve that? Although totems want to inspire you to find happiness, they also want you to protect yourself against predators.

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