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Archangel Melchizedek – The King Of Righteousness

Archangel Melchizedek


Archangel Melchizedek’s name means “Rightful King” or “King of Righteousness.” Archangel Melchizedek is also the Angel of Spiritual Evolution and the Angel of Christ’s Consciousness. In other circles, Melchizedek is a group of high-level spiritual beings. They teach and keep custody of the ancient hidden secrets.


Melchizedek archangel tells us that he is part of a controlling program that balances and synchronizes all energies. These are energies that are constantly flowing, and it is from them that the basic structure of the universe is formed. These high spiritual beings formulate everything, be it tiny particles or even wind. For instance, to come up with a different situation, he says that he can rearrange internal colors, and in so doing, there will be different amounts of those colors. Having changed the order of appearance of these colors, a different situation will come up.


You only need to call upon Melchizedek when you find yourself in a situation where you don’t understand what you are going through. He will help you through His regulatory system. He uses mixed up energy color components to rearrange and reorganize matter. In so doing, he can get rid of a negative situation, add flow and supply, and thereby bringing forth new situations or substances.


Archangel Melchizedek: Insight

It is very important to know your strengths and weaknesses. Most people live a life that goes against their beliefs, and skills hence the inability to empower themselves. Calling on Melchizedek will give you the power and energy to gather all your abilities.


He will teach you how to open up to your possibilities because you are more than what you think of yourself. He will also show you how important it is to focus on who you are because people are not the same, and how to run your own race without losing focus. Melchizedek archangel goes ahead to teach you how to network and form new links that will help you out during difficulties and how to fall in love with what you do and how to embrace moments that are not perfect to you.

Therapy Using Colors

The art of using colors for healing is chromotherapy. Medics and therapists of all kinds have mastered the art of using colors to treat their patients. This is very significant with the kind of paintings of different colors that exist on the walls of clinics and healing centers. Melchizedek describes the steps adopted in using colors for healing and therapy. For example, reducing the red essence reduces the pain threshold. With the reduction in the threshold for pain, the difficult condition becomes soft and lighter.

This kind of process that involves mixing and re-creating colors is not an easy one but a complex process. For instance, before applying chromotherapy, one needs to understand the medical history of the patient.

This helps not to use the wrong color so as not to worsen the painful situation. The angels do this process without interfering with any other process taking part on earth. You can only receive this kind of treatment when you call upon the archangels and request their assistance.

archangel melchizedek

Archangel Melchizedek: Guarding Against Psychic Attacks

In this world, we face so many negative situations. There are those that we believe in having been instigated by somebody. The kind of negative situation you experience when someone else involves themselves in your life is called a psychic attack. It can either be the person did it knowingly or without knowing. Melchizedek has the ability to guard you against this kind of attacks. You can call on him and ask him to shield you.

You can ask him like this, “Dear Archangel Melchizedek, please shield my body against any form of negative energy and all sorts of psychic attacks. Give my system strength to overcome things that are sent to put me down. Thank you for listening to me.” This kind of prayer can be practiced in the morning, during the day whenever you feel like you need protection and in the evening to shed off the energies you have picked up during the day.

Archangel Melchizedek: Conclusion

This archangel is very powerful and works towards making things right in our lives. He has specialized in teaching spiritual truths and unfolding deep understanding to us. He can help us make our bodies divine by releasing unwanted spirits and turning situations that are not pleasant to us into pleasing experiences.

Archangel Melchizedek, as a teacher of spiritual truth, can empower us on all levels if we call on him to walk and work with us. Many are times we hit dead-end situations or even feel attacked. This archangel is assuring us his support and guidance only if we call on him.

When we allow ourselves to work with Melchizedek, we will be able to overcome the challenges in our lives. We will leave our comfort zones, but only if we open ourselves to healing. He is not able to intervene and help us unless we ask.

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