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Holiday and Calendar Meaning: Positive Mindset

Holiday and Calendar Meaning: Luck and Power

Holidays and Calendar signify how you should conduct your business because the time is now to do what is necessary. In other words, it reminds you of the value of maintaining your time well always. This is the right time to do what is right and focus on what will change your life for the better. You need to change the things that you do because it is leading you in the wrong direction. More so, time will determine the quality of your life. So, when you manage your time well and give hard work a chance, then you will become unstoppable.


Holiday symbolism indicates that it is healthy to have time to enjoy before doing something else. Finding time to enjoy will discourage any negativity in your life. Especially, you will overcome any negative thoughts about your life. Probably, you will become someone you have desired. Besides, you are mature enough to make better decisions.


Holiday & Calendar Symbols

Different holidays are celebrated all over the world. These holidays are often listed on calendars and have symbols attached to them. In this article, we will discuss four symbols that are attached to four holidays: the shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day, Flags for Independence Day around the world, the Jack-o-Lantern for Halloween, and hearts for Valentine’s Day.


Calendar symbolism shows great signs of you becoming successful. Besides, you can truly become the person you have been thinking of. Do you know that calendars remind you of the great things that you can do? Make every day great, and you will remember that day for the rest of your life. Probably, you were not created to lose but to become someone great.

Shamrock Symbolism

The shamrock has religious symbolism to go with the holiday, but it has cultural significance as well. St. Patrick was a Catholic Saint who lived in Ireland hundreds of years ago. He introduced his religion to many new people, making him an important figure in the Catholic church. The shamrock was associated with the saint, making it the symbol for St. Patrick’s Day. These are days of blessing and are holy days. This shows that you are happy with what God has done in your life.  Notably, you are happy for taking God’s guidance seriously.


The shamrock has religious significance because of it. The shamrock has three leaf-like parts to it, representing the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost in Christianity. The three leaf-like projections have significance to the Celts, symbolizing the different facets of nature. The lucky four-leaf clover can also symbolize wealth, health, love, and respectfulness.Holiday and Calendar meaning

Flags Symbol in Holiday and Calendar meaning

Flags from around the world are used to celebrate many different holidays. Many countries adorn their flags with colors and symbols that are important to their culture. For instance, the star of David is an important Jewish symbol that is the center of the flag of Israel. Other flags have a religious significance, like the flags of Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Red is a symbolic color of power that makes up much of the flags of China and the former Soviet Union. Other symbols that lie on flags are the Cedar Tree on the Lebanese flag and the hammer and sickle on the old USSR flag. Many other parts of flags are symbolic, and these are just a few examples.

Flag symbolism shows how unity can bring greatness. This shows that strength and motivation will make you achieve the impossible. All you need to do to win any battle is to work together and accept everyone’s ideas. Do not just rely on one person but do things together. Perhaps, every community will grow by working together. Any kind of hatred will result in unsuccessfulness. Therefore, you must try to embrace love and learn to forgive each other.

Jack-o-Lantern Symbolic Meanings

The story of the jack-o-lantern as we know it today is an interesting one. Its symbolism is defined both by the holiday that it is used in, as well as the plant it is made out of. When Halloween was only celebrated in Europe and the surrounding countries, the pumpkin wasn’t on the continent yet, so their jack-o-lanterns were made out of potatoes and other things that they had readily available.

The Jack-o-lantern meaning signifies that you are not the only person to face difficulties in life. Probably, everyone who is successful has a story behind that success. Mostly, winners never quit and take every chance possible. They believe that greatness is within them as long as they never surrender. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to do everything that will bring success to your life. If it means letting go of your friends, then better do so.

When immigrants moved to the New World, they discovered pumpkins. These were much easier to carve than the plants that they had been using. They were also tasty. In a way, the jack-o-lantern can symbolize change and development. Expansion is also a great word to describe jack-o-lantern symbolism because the immigrants later brought pumpkin seeds back to Europe, spreading the plant around the continent.

Hearts Symbol

Hearts are, of course, a symbol of love. It is also a symbol of mistakes and spirit. There are many ideas of where the shape of the heart came from. The way we draw hearts on Valentine’s Day cards is not what hearts in human bodies look like. Besides, nothing is going to change in your life if you are not willing to change. The important thing is that you can write your own rules. Remember that your freedom is your power to make decisions and become those decisions.

Hearts symbolism indicates that you can invest in yourself to make your life better. You have to love yourself first and do what is right. On the other hand, you need to find someone who will improve your life. You can have someone who will bring positive impacts in your life. Someone who will encourage you to do better. The goodness of growing is when you earn everything and being with the right person. Equally, you can transform your life and become someone better.

One reason why hearts, as we draw them, look the way we do could be because that’s just the way people thought that hearts looked like. Other people believe that the drawn heart didn’t come along until the 17th century when the Catholics drew it in a religious painting. Others simply suggest that the heart looks like a pretty flower. No matter why it first came to be, it makes a great symbol for a holiday.


Holiday and calendar meaning indicates that you must take each day with seriousness. More so, you have to be strong enough and let confidence drive you forward. Besides, greatness for everyone who takes each time seriously. You decide what you want to become because you are great. Someday people will know you for the great work you are doing. Probably, you deserve enough respect from the people around you. Equally, your greatest achievement is decided by whatever you are doing each day. Greatness is consistency.

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