Sunday, July 25, 2021

Daily Planets – Saturn for Saturday

Daily Planet for Saturday: Saturn

Since Saturday is governed by Saturn, let’s see what the planets are up to, with an emphasis on the planet of stabilization.

Hold-Me-Back Saturn in Cardinal Libra: A False Start? The Sun has joined serious Saturn in Libra. When these two get together it can have a rather sobering effect, and people tend to roll up their sleeves and aim to be as productive as possible. It can also coincide with melancholy feelings. If you’re experiencing this, know that this is temporary and it shall pass.

In the meantime, it may help to experience a bit of culture – that’s an especially Libran kind of activity. Libra energy is quite artistically inclined, so perhaps your appreciation for the arts is being refined by Saturn’s presence in Libra. And it may help you beat the blahs by honoring your creative impulses.

Libra is famous for relationships as well – particularly the romantic kind. The presence of both Sun and Saturn re-enforces the notion that building right relations are part and parcel of your soul’s journey. You may well ask yourself what it means to be in the right relationship for you. And Libra would answer that balance is key – a balance of your combined energies with the people you relate to, and a balance of personal power between you.

Saturn in Libra also reminds us that, while you are responsible for the commitments you make to others, your first relationship is with yourself – and this is who your primary commitment is to. William Shakespeare’s famous quote from Hamlet nails it: “And this above all: unto thine own self be true and it shall follow as the day the night – thou can’st not then be false to any man.”

It’s interesting to me that Libra operates in a cardinal fashion – this is active, go-out-and get-‘em energy. Yet Saturn tends to put the brakes on things, asking us to slow down and be sure of what we’re getting into. It makes me wonder how that plays out for those of you who are trying to initiate a new relationship. Are you feeling a push-pull effect? On again, off again? Interested but afraid? I’d be curious to hear from you. Please do share!

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