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What Is A Feng Shui Water Urn?

Water Element In Feng Shui

Water is necessary for life. Nothing could live without water. It can be gentle and soothing or it can be dangerous and powerful. It can give life and also destroy it. The strong water element refreshes, revitalizes, and helps life to grow and prosper. Think of the necessity of water and the peace and relaxation it brings and then look around the home or the office. Everyone can benefit from the use of water, in this case, a Feng Shui water urn, simply because of the element’s power to improve one’s life and circumstances.


Many people do not have any type of water formation around them, despite its powerful qualities. People sometimes must travel miles and miles to see a body of water, and it is always a refreshing sight to see and a restorative element to experience, especially fresh, cool water. It is one of the five main elements of Feng Shui. Imagine being able to channel its energy and bring it into the home and the office for a boost of wealth and success positivity.

Feng Shui

Feng shui means wind and water because both elements mimic the invisible flow of chi. They move in meandering pathways, and that is the type of flow that brings the strongest and most beneficial chi. Water symbolism has countless benefits in Feng Shui. But its main ones are that it brings peace, calmness, and restoration as well as wealth, prosperity, luck, and abundance. Think of the connection between water’s necessity for life and its “fengshuiability” to bring prosperity. It makes a lot of sense.


Certain people, depending on their birth year, will have water as their element, and they should most definitely include it in their homes like in a zen garden, and workplaces in the proper areas for an even further boost of positive chi and abundance.


Feng Shui Water Urn

One simple way to include water in one’s home and work area is to create or purchase a water urn. An urn has a variety of meanings, but for our purposes, let’s use the definition of a large or decorative vase, often ceramic. These can be purchased easily, and then along with a few other easy additions, the water urn can be created. Use the following steps to create a water urn at home.


  1. Find a solid, sealed urn to fill with water.
  2. Fill it with water and purchase a pump to go inside to keep the water flowing and moving.
  3. Add plants, natural decorations, and even fish if possible! Fish are very auspicious as they keep the water moving and bring an even more powerful chi.
  4. Understand the areas that it can be placed in to have an enormous effect on everyone in the house as well as the finances of the house.


Take note: Be sure that the urn is solid and sealed! No one wants to risk a negative chi and the chance of losing money by creating a water urn and suddenly having it leaking all over the floor! Make sure to keep the water and the area clean. If possible, decorate the area with other chi-boosting objects, such as a Laughing Buddha, a Money Frog, and lush, green plants. All of these will bring a beautiful and powerful chi to the home.

Perhaps a smaller urn with fewer decorations could be placed in the work area to boost wealth and abundance there. Think about what would be appropriate for the office or if it’s even allowed to bring such decorations in. As was mentioned in previous articles, the element of water can be represented by the colors of blue and gray as well as mirrors. So, don’t lose heart if work doesn’t let outside decorations into the office!


Placement Tips Of Urn Wealth

Almost everyone is looking for more wealth, prosperity, and abundance in their lives. Who could say no to that? Depending on the Bagua, or Feng Shui map, the water urn should be placed in certain areas to help achieve certain outcomes.

If placed in the north of the home, the urn will help to bring in further income opportunities as well as luck and upward movement in status at work.

When placed in the southeast, it will help one’s current wealth to grow and accumulate (investments, etc.).

If placed in the southwest, it will bring good fortune to the woman in the home. Keep these Feng Shui tips in mind when planning decorations and trying to find a space for water.

Other Options

A water urn is just a simple solution to adding this necessary element to the living spaces, but there are so many options. For even greater benefits, have a body of water built in the yard: perhaps a small pond, especially a coy pond. Include a waterfall if possible, because that will keep the water circulating. Also, one could add an aquarium to specific areas of the house, or even a raining wall. There are so many Feng Shui tips for your home, but the bigger the better in this case. The more water, the stronger the benefits and the more powerful arousal of the flow of good chi.

Something to note is that the five elements of Feng Shui should be in balance. If one adds water, but not other elements, then the elements will be out of balance. This will produce a negative chi and will bring the opposite of what was originally intended.

It could be useful to create a list of all of the elements and figure out objects, furniture pieces, and colors that could be placed in the home and the office in a balanced fashion. Feng Shui is an art form and should be handled delicately and in an organized fashion. Do the proper research, use the Bagua map, and start using Feng  Shui.

Importance Of Water In Feng Shui

Water is life itself. When one is thirsty, water can bring such refreshment and restoration. It helps plants to grow and other living things to grow and exude health. The water heals and changes things. It can be powerful and dangerous, like a tsunami, or it can be calm and soothing, like a babbling brook in a forest. Either way, no one can ignore the power it has or its necessity to every living thing’s existence. Without it, death would take us all.

This amazing element can reign in luck, success, wealth, and abundance to one who knows how to use it and how to represent it properly and effectively. Get creative and think of all the ways that water can be added and portrayed in the home and the office. The water should be clean and always moving to provide the strongest benefits. Do not let it leak from its container or get dirty – that will have the opposite effect. A Feng Shui water urn is an easy and attractive way to encourage wealth, career success, and prosperity to enter the life of the owner and whoever else lives and works there. Water is strong; use its power to attract all of these wonderful benefits!

To learn more about the water urn and other ways to incorporate water into the living and work areas, check out this website. Follow the directions correctly and start bringing in wealth today!

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