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5 Relationship Pitfalls You Can Prevent

It is natural to want to be in a relationship. Let us discuss the most common pitfalls that need to be prevented. Avoid making these relationship mistakes if you want to find true love.

Common Relationship Pitfalls To Avoid

#1. Are You Ready?

We all crave that connection with another person but one of the biggest mistakes you can make is rushing into a relationship when you are not ready.


Also, don’t get in a relationship for the wrong reasons such as not wanting to be alone or using another person to fix you. Don’t expect a relationship to heal you or save you. It simply won’t work. Take time to work on yourself.


When you are ready to be in a relationship and not wanting one for the wrong reasons, your relationship will work out better. You will naturally be better equipped to deal with your own baggage as well as your partner’s history. If you are healthy and in a good place, your relationship will go much smoother, you will see.

Are You Ready For Love?
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#2. Do Not Try To Fix Or Heal Your Lover

Also don’t go into a relationship expecting to fix or heal or save some one else. Don’t go into a relationship expecting your partner to change. If the person you are with does something that bothers you, address it. But if they don’t change make sure you can live with it.


Don’t expect your girlfriend or boyfriend to change or try to change them. People only change for themselves not because another person wants them to. It is nice to think that love conquers all. But love doesn’t make some one become someone they are not.

So be true to yourself and let your partner be who they are. Don’t expect that you or love can save your partner. If they need help they need to get help for themselves. You can’t make them change or get help unless they want the help.

#3. Stop Assuming

Don’t make assumptions such as all men are jerks or all women are shallow. I think these assumptions also happen more often when you are not ready for a relationship (pitfall #1).


If you are coming out of a bad relationship and have not fully recovered I think you may tend to bring your prior biases into your new relationship. This is not fair to you or to your new partner. It will not help your new relationship to grow and mature in a healthy way.

Always communicate what you are feeling and talk about your assumptions so you can get over them and understand your partner better. Communication is one of the most important requirements for a healthy relationship. Assumptions that are not talked about could lead to the downfall of your partnership.

Don’t make assumptions such as all men are jerks or all women are shallow.
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#4. Don’t Hide Your Feelings

Don’t hide your thoughts and feelings thinking this will make you seem stronger or you don’t want to bother your significant other. It is so important to talk and communicate so you understand each other and can trust each other.

Trust and communication are the most important building blocks of a relationship. If you hide things from your lover, they won’t be able to trust you. Without trust you have nothing.

Don’t go to bed mad or just push your anger or hurt down. Talk to your partner. Communicating your thoughts and feelings is the only way you and your lover can resolve your problems.

Showing yourself to another person can be scary. But if you don’t fully open up, communicate and show your partner who you really are than you are not totally committed to your relationship. Furthermore how can they love you if they don’t really know you?

Trust and communication are the most important building blocks of a relationship
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#5. Think Twice Before You Open Your Mouth

Be careful of what you say and how you treat your partner. Some things you can’t take back. If you say nasty things in an argument or you get really mad and throw things or throw away his or her stuff you can’t take those words back or get back their stuff.

This will also show your lover how mean and ugly you can be. It can also permanently hurt them and show them that you are not mature enough to handle disagreements in an adult manner and work through them.

All couples disagree but how you work through your disagreements shows what kind of person you are. Everybody wants to be with some one they can trust and talk to, some one they can depend on. The better you treat your significant other, more likely he or she will want to stay with you and to treat you well too.

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