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9 Romantic Things You Can Do For Him

9 Romantic Things You Can Do For Him

Men like romance too even if they don’t always admit it. There are many things you can do to ignite the romance in your relationship or even get a certain some one to notice you!


#1. Men like it when women initiate

Whether it is making a move on the dance floor or asking him out for a date, men don’t always want to be the ones having to all the set up work! They want to know you are interested too.


#2. Gift Ideas

A favorite gift idea or spontaneous surprise for the man in your life is to get him tickets to his favorite sports event or favorite group for a concert! You can buy two tickets so you can go with him or it might be nice to let him have a guys’ night out for a change.


#3. He will like you to try things he likes

Watch or go to the game with your boyfriend. Support him while he is playing basketball with the boys. Men like it when their women take an interest in their favorite activities. Challenge him to his favorite online game or go with him to his soccer practice and cheer him on. Whatever your man likes to do, try to support him and even go the extra mile and buy him tickets to an event or buy him his favorite game accessories.


Also, go even further and check out the players on his favorite teams and try to understand why he loves what he does. This way while you are hanging out with him, you can show him your knowledge and support. He will appreciate your efforts!

#4. Women aren’t the only ones who like gifts from the heart

Surprise him with a love poem or picture that you do or even sing him a song. Anything you created will melt your man’s heart! Another good idea along this same line is putting little messages on stick it notes where he will find them.

#5. Try some new things in the bedroom

New sexy lingerie is always nice (maybe get him to pick it out?) but there are other fun sex ideas to try such as new toys or tricks. Maybe use some silk scarves or ties or other things you have on hand or even take a trip to your local adult store together. You can both pick out what you would like to try and see if you agree!

Also try role-playing in the bedroom and both of you play out the fantasies of your choosing! Get creative! Also, try making love in a new location – whether it is all the rooms in your place, your cars, or a hotel room (or other creative locations – maybe an elevator?) Maybe play games to up the foreplay? There are many ideas to spice up your sex life!

#6. Try some new, creative things outside of the bedroom!

Try activities neither of you have tried before – whether it is zip lining, kayaking, or sea diving. You might both find something you enjoy together and this will make you closer too! Also adrenaline-pumping activities get you revved up for the bedroom!

Try activities neither of you have tried before.
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#7. Romantic Dates

You can also try some romantic ideas where you don’t go to the bedroom such as walks on the beach or a romantic candlelight dinner where you are allowed to touch and hold hands (maybe even play a little further) but no sex! It is nice to reconnect in ways other than sexually!

You can also try some romantic ideas where you don’t go to the bedroom such as walks on the beach or a romantic candlelight dinner.

#8. Watch Guy Flicks Together

And we’ve all made our men watch our favorite girl flicks so why not return the favor? Tune into his favorite movies or TV shows. Maybe even buy him one of his old favorites so you have it on hand to watch anytime he wants. (Not to go back to the sex stuff but it might be a nice idea to watch some porn with him too especially if he has favorites here too!) If he has a favorite lady character (such as superwoman or Princess Ohara) you could dress up as her for a fun surprise!

#9. Surprise Him

There are so many romantic ideas to surprise your lover with. It could be as simple as cooking his favorite meal or taking him out to his favorite spot. You know best what he loves so use that information to get creative. Be it your husband or boyfriend, he will love it and you will love to make him happy!

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