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Venus In Taurus

Venus In Taurus: Significance and Meaning

Element And Quality: Earth & Fixed

Celebrities With Venus In Taurus: Karl Marx, Laxmi Mittal, Anne Frank, Eric Clapton, Thomas Jefferson, Steffi Graf

Keywords for Venus in Taurus: Affectionate, Warm, Sensual, Stable, Possessive, Loving

Venus In Taurus: Personality Profile

Steady as a rock is the personal motto of Taurus star sign. Venus in Taurus needs that kind of stability in their relationships. They always take things slow to ensure they happen in the right order and at the right time, for they can’t stand when their plans don’t work out.

Venus in Taurus is rational and predictable when it comes to their love life, favoring comfort over chaos. And their definition of chaos is much more extreme than what other people would call chaos.

For Taurus, the slightest deviation from their routine can throw off everything else in their life. So when it comes to love and long-term commitment (which is the only kind of relationship they want) they require a solid foundation off of which to build the relationship.

Venus In Taurus. Venus In Taurus Are Rational And Predictable When It Comes To Their Love Life, Favoring Comfort Over Chaos.

Taurus Venus: Positive Traits

Venus symbolizes sensuality, romance, relationships, pleasures and comforts. Venus in Taurus is all about the slow courtship and cultivation of their partnerships. They thrive on romance and are incredibly sensual by nature, which means they enjoy the sexual aspects of a relationship. As an earth sign ruled by Venus in astrology, their focus is on the five senses and how they are affected by their surroundings.

Venus in Taurus is most aroused through their sense of touch, as they love the feel of luxurious fabrics and comfortable furniture. Their home is the very definition of cozy and they pride themselves on maintaining a place where their lover can lounge with them. They love to cuddle and lightly tease them with foreplay, slowly creating a flame that builds to a larger fire.

But the Taurus sexual passion is unlike that of a fire sign or an air sign in that they enjoy the build-up more than the climax. They revel in the little details and take their time satisfying their partner.

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They have incredible stamina where they can spend the night pleasing their soul mate before reaching a finale. This may be too slow for some people who crave excitement or want instant gratification. But for those willing to wait, it’s a wonderfully sensuous experience. (Read hereabout Dating Taurus Men & Dating Taurus Women)

Taurus Venus: Negative Traits

The only thing Venus in Taurus zodiac sign may have to work on is their possessive nature. They want total commitment since they are completely devoted to their partner, and anything that even appears offensive will upset them. They are extremely patient and are willing to hear your side of the story, but they may come off as accusatory at the same time.

It will take a lot to reassure them that there is no foul play happening. The Taurus Venus despises any kind of change or even the appearance of change in their relationships, so anything they perceive as a threat throws their entire world into turmoil. This can be frustrating for some who have no difficulty handling change, or even want things to change to keep the relationship fresh.


People will have trouble dealing with the incredibly stubborn nature of Venus in Taurus, who work tirelessly to keep things the same. But they can also take comfort in knowing that their partner will always be there for them no matter what.

They will be one of the most dependable people in their life. And there’s no need to worry when they spend money on something beautiful or extravagant – those purchases are few and far between. While they like to have nice things, financial security always wins out in the end.

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