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Venus In Sagittarius

Venus In Sagittarius: Significance and Meaning

Element And Quality: Fire & Mutable

Celebrities With Venus In Sagittarius: Diego Maradona, Whoopi Goldberg, Federico Fellini, Rowan Atkinson, Jamie Lee Curtis

Keywords for Venus in Sagittarius: Outgoing, Charismatic, Adventurous, Flirtatious, Fun

Venus In Sagittarius: Personality Profile

The happy-go-lucky attitude of Sagittarius spills over into their romantic life, so Venus in Sagittarius are fun, flirtatious and open to everything. They have an infectious love of life they want to share with everyone they can. This means they can wander from their partner, but they always come back.

Venus is a symbol of love, beauty, passion, relationships, ambition, finance, money and pleasures in astrology. Venus in Sagittarius takes immense pleasure in being in love and sharing their exciting encounters with someone.

They always want to be on an adventure and adding to their wealth of knowledge. They want others to experience the same joy as they do. This means they are always on-the-go, and sometimes leave others behind in the commotion that surrounds them.

Venus In Sagittarius. Venus In Sagittarius Take Immense Pleasure In Being In Love And Sharing Their Exciting Encounters With Someone.

Sagittarius Venus: Positive Traits

But the good-natured personality and open mind of Venus in Sagittarius is irresistible, and they mean no harm when they leave suddenly for another adventure.

The only time this becomes a problem is when someone upsets them or tries to push them into doing something. That’s when they have the same reaction to flee but for different reasons. They hate confrontation and will do whatever they can to avoid it. Generally though, they will come back when they think the coast is clear. (Read more about Dating A Sagittarius Man or Dating A Sagittarius Woman)

If there is a problem, try to present it to them as an abstract puzzle. They love brain teasers and talking things out during a debate, so they will be able to come up with a viable answer.

The best way to please a Sagittarius Venus lover is to surprise them with fun activities, as well as follow them on their own surprise journeys. Try to keep things slight and casual, for they don’t like to be fenced in by anything. And when they turn philosophical join them for a rousing debate of life, politics, and social issues. They thrive on witty repartee and need a partner who feels the same way.

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Sagittarius Venus: Negative Traits

It’s up to the loved ones of the Venus in Sagittarius in to bring them back down to Earth every once in a while because they can become consumed by their desire to roam. It’s difficult for them to make long-term commitments so they often have trouble with serious relationships. As a fire sign they require the freedom to do what they want, when they want, and that can be hard for those who have jealous tendencies.

But if Venus in Sagittarius believes their partner or loved one is trying to hold them back from doing the things they love, they will leave for good. They aren’t great with compromise, and they won’t stick around long enough to have a serious conversation. Just make sure you’re not accusing them directly of doing something wrong and they will come to the table to discuss solutions.


Venus in Sagittarius want someone who will go with the flow with them, and be up for anything at a moment’s notice. While that’s a difficult thing to maintain on a regular basis, you will never be bored in their presence. And they accept everyone for who they are and appreciate their individual desires as well.

So be careful not to inflict your inhibitions upon them for nothing turns them off quicker than restrictions in a relationship. Just follow their lead and Venus in Sagittarius will bring you to a place of joy and excitement every time.

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