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Venus In Virgo: Meaning, Significance And Personality Traits

The Venus In Virgo: Significance and Meaning

What does it mean when Venus is in Virgo? It means there is a stringent code of conduct in relationships.

Element And Quality: Earth & Mutable

Celebrities With Venus In Virgo: Ingrid Bergman, Kate Winslet, Julie Andrews, David Guetta, Luciano Pavarotti, Guy de Maupassant

Positive Keywords for Venus in Virgo: Grounded, Analytical, Impeccable, Devoted, Thoughtful, Organized

Negative Keywords for Venus in Virgo: Strict, Critical, Stiff, Boring, Slow

The Venus In Virgo: Personality


Although Virgo is not the most passionate of the zodiac signs, Venus in Virgo shows their affection through complete devotion and attention to detail. They work hard to make sure their partner is happy and healthy, sometimes to the point of nagging. But everything they do is to help people.


Venus symbolizes love, money, sensuality, relationships, pleasure, and leisure. As a perfectionist, Venus in Virgo takes their relationships quite seriously and does whatever is necessary to please their soul mate.


They listen intently and pick up on little cues. This is why they are so good with thoughtful gifts and caring gestures. They always know the perfect thing to cheer someone up. And, they will go to great lengths to ensure it is delivered impeccably.

The Venus In Virgo

Positive Traits of the Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo man or woman is honest and helpful, sometimes to a fault. They have trouble not stepping in when something goes wrong. Because they are so well-organized, they feel they can fix any situation and will try whether or not they are asked to. Those closest to them understand this is just part of their caring nature. (Find out how it is dating a Virgo man or dating a Virgo woman)

If you show your appreciation for their help instead, you will see a softer side of Venus in Virgo. They want recognition for their hard work and dedication to their relationships. They don’t need much to make them happy. A safe home, close social circle, and someone to love who will love them back equally.

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While they aren’t as exciting as other star signs, they are solid and dependable and always have your back. You will not find a more loyal partner than the Virgo Venus person. Their top priority is their friends, family, and companion.

Negative Traits of the Venus in Virgo

While this is usually seen as charming and considerate, it can sometimes backfire if the Venus in Virgo go overboard. While they don’t go for a grand display of affection, they do get upset if their detailed plan doesn’t go their way. And if it’s not appreciated as much as they think it should be, they need plenty of time to themselves to get over the disappointment.

Venus in Virgo has the highest expectations not only with their actions but the actions of others around them. This means they place very strict standards on how they feel their loved ones should perform in their everyday lives.

While some can match these standards, others fall short of the mark. And if Venus in Virgo feels their partner is one of those people, they will find it difficult not to criticize them. But the reasons for this are not vindictive. They want to get the best from those they care about.


But the other side of this is that the Venus in Virgo people often take their time to do things right the first time. And, their slow response can be infuriating to some. They are so careful not to rock the boat that others find them stiff or boring at times. But it’s best not to push them because they are so sensitive. (Read more about Virgo Personality Traits)

As long as the Virgo Venus people are given the recognition, they feel they deserve (and they do a lot for others that can go unnoticed) they are happy to continue that devotion. The only thing they have to worry about is taking some time for themselves. That’s the best way for their social network to reward them. Offer them the opportunity they need to relax.

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