Juno Sign

The Juno Sign

The Zodiac Soul Mate Sign Reader is a method of looking at your best match-ups in terms of relationships,be they romantic or business. A long-term business partnership is very like a marriage in that you need to both have complementary and different skills. Try the Zodiac Soul Mate Sign Calculator to see who your best match will be safe.

The Juno sign or zodiac soul mate sign is descriptive of your character based on the placement of Juno in the natal chart. The asteroid Juno is considered to be related to your long-term relationships, either business or personal. The Juno sign Is indicative of the type of individual who would best partner you in a relationship.

We are all seeking stability in this chaotic time. An understanding of who you can work with can add at least business stability. And if you can add stability in your love life as well that is great and again the partnership aspect of the Juno sign will help you to do this. For each of us there is a best partner.

As an example for person born October 1, 1955, the zodiac soul mate sign showed that, the Juno in the chart was in Scorpio. An intense and brooding mate is appropriate. Peace and enjoying relationships are important, be they business or personal. It is simply more pleasant to spend time with and work with someone you like.

The Zodiac Soul Mate Sign describes your personality based on the placement of Juno and working with the sun and moon signs. The soul mate sign can assist you in knowing yourself better.


In astrology we tend to link certain planets and asteroids with certain character traits and consider them to be responsible for those aspects of our personalities.

In Greco-Roman mythology there is the goddess Hera who is said to be very similar to Juno the goddess of marriages and unions. The Juno sign will indicate your degree of contentment within a relationship. The sign is also connected with how loyal you are, how deep your commitment, your skills, and how jealous you are by nature.

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  1. hey so im not sure if my juno is in libra or virgo u guys say virgo cafe astrology says libra??

  2. hey question so i’m not sure if my juno is in virgo or libra cafe astrology said libra but you guys say virgo ??

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