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8 Ways To Find Out If She Is Mrs. Right?

What Women Want?

We always hear about Mr. Right! What about Mrs. Right? Men need love too. And men can have just as hard a time finding Mrs. Right as women have at finding Mr. Right – if not a harder time. Although men finding love doesn’t seem to be written about nor advertised as much.


Men have a fine line to walk because it is hard to know what women want these days. Most women seem to think that a man only wants sex. So a man has to be careful as to not be too aggressive. Yet women also want to be seen as attractive so he can be not aggressive enough. What is a man to do!


These eight simple tips will help a man to decide if the woman he is dating is Mrs. Right or just Mrs. Right Now!

men can have just as hard a time finding Mrs. Right.

8 Ways To Find If She Is Mrs. Right

#1. Common Interests

The first thing to do is to find things in common such as hobbies and other activities. What do you do together?


#2. Goals & Priorities

Do you share the same goals and priorities? Look for qualities that will stand the test of time. Attractiveness is nice but it won’t last. Is she kind, caring and patient? Does she understand you? But you will also want to be attracted to her. You won’t want to be with a girlfriend or wife you find undesirable but feel you is reasonable.


#3. Serious Relationship

Can you see yourself settling down with this girl and having a family?

Can you see yourself settling down with this girl.

#4. Family Commitments

Does she share your love for family? How does she get along with your family and how do you get along with hers? (Get tips to impress your girlfriend’s parents).

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#5. Your Likes

In order to know what you want from your partner, you have to know yourself. What do you like and enjoy? What would you like to share with your partner? What is most important to you?


#6. Sex

This is along the same lines as attraction but a physical connection is important. How good is the sex? You want to be with some one you connect with and look forward to being with whether it is just hanging out or going to bed. You want some one you look forward to connecting with physically as well as mentally.

This is along the same lines as attraction but a physical connection is important.

#7. Emotional Stability

Is she stable and emotionally mature? You don’t want some one who is going to be negative and complain all the time. You want some one who can communicate with you and be honest about her feelings. You want some one who can help you be a better person. You want to be better together than you are apart.


#8. Independent

Is she independent and does she take care of herself? Of course if you may want to take care of her and want her to take care of you, this is normal when you love each other. But ultimately you don’t want some one who will be dependent on you for the rest of your lives. You want some one who will help you with responsibilities so that you can share the burden.


These 8 relationship tips are just suggestions. But some times common sense goes out the window when you are in love. And some of these things can be worked on. Maybe your family doesn’t like her or you don’t like her family.

Is she independent and does she take care of herself.

Not all of these items are deal breakers. You have to figure out what is important to you. These are 8 tips to look for when you are trying to decide but sometimes you just know. Love is strange. Follow your heart and your mind.

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