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Enneagram Type 6 – The Loyalist

Enneagram Personality Type 6 Significance:

Also Known As Skeptic, Rebel, Guardian, Trooper
Wing: Type 5 – The Investigator, Type 7 – The Enthusiast
Stress Personality Type: Type 3 – The Achiever
Growth Personality Type: Type 9 – The Peacemaker
What Do I Fear: Insecure, Unloved, Unguided
What Do I Desire: Reassurance, Supported, Guidance
Mantra: I am a loving person but not sure
Temptation: Indecisive, Unsure
Vice: Scared, Distrustful
Virtue: Faithful, Courageous
Suitable Careers: Banker, Counselor, Child Care Worker, Life Guard, School Teacher
Celebrities With Enneagram type 6: Woody Allen, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, Marilyn Monroe


Enneagram Type 6 – Positive Personality Traits

True to the name of this Enneagram type 6 Loyalist, you are very faithful and trustworthy and do not like being betrayed. By nature, you are very responsible towards your family, friends, and social groups that you belong to. At the same time, you do not trust people unless they have proved it to you. It is then that they form a part of your loyal circle of friends.


Your friends know that the best way to get along with you is to be as clear and to the point, as possible. You also need constant reassurance that everything is perfectly okay between yourself and your partner/s. At the same time, since you are mostly anxious and apprehensive, you would appreciate it if someone laughed and cracked a joke with you once in a while.

A good, stable, and trustworthy partner, who is willing to listen to your problems and insecurities, is ideal for you. What he/she can have in return is a committed and faithful friend, who stands by him/her in good times or bad.


You are sympathetic towards others and help them in their time of need. Intellectually inclined, the Enneagram type six personality does not like to conform to fixed ideas and notions.

However, as a parent, the Enneagram type 6 people are very loving and considerate and have a sense of duty towards their children. At the same time, you should give them more freedom and also worry a little less about their safety. If you want to know more, take the free Enneagram personality test.

True to the name of this Enneagram type 6 Loyalist, you are very faithful and trustworthy

Enneagram Type 6 – Negative Personality Traits

Suspicious and anxious, the Enneagram type 6 is constantly viewing the world as an insecure and threatening place to live in. This makes you look towards authority, but at the same time, you constantly question its very logic. A responsible individual, sometimes you are contradictory and display a wide range of emotions.


You also suffer from different types of anxiety disorders and are generally very careful, scared, and insecure. Your basic desire is to be secure, and consequently, your basic fear is being abandoned by your friends and family. Thus, you tend to avoid things that are painful or make you unhappy.


You are mostly indecisive, and constantly trying to figure out which way to go in life. You are so apprehensive that the constant lookout for hidden dangers, may at times make you sick of life as a whole. This fear arises out of your low level of self-confidence, and your constant fear of failure.

To make matters worse, you think others are taking advantage of you, something that makes you even more suspicious. Therefore, you must take failure in your stride, and avoid being self-critical in times of crisis. You can start by being less distrusting of others, and generally opening up to the whole world around you.

That way you can live life to the fullest, and appreciate whatever life has to offer. You obviously cannot expect everyone to be perfectly loyal and sincere and must meet life headlong as it comes.

It’s generally hard to predict about people like you. On one hand, you may be friendly and dependable, and on the other, you can also be distrustful and sarcastic. You have an awful tendency towards the formation of groups as if it is a question of “us against them”.

Lastly, you should also avoid questioning authority, as this may land you in trouble in the home or at the office. People will never take kindly to it.

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