Tarot Meditation For The Magician Upright

Associated Colors:

Orange, creativity and self-expression

Associated Incense:

Rose for inspiration, Cedarwood for Confidence

Meditation For The Magician – Upright

You will feel yourself fall into this Magician tarot card as your focus comes to fruition. Visualize yourself entering a workshop.

Alchemical equipment bubbles and hisses on one side, various tools are arranged along one wall, and a great project is underway.

You will see the magician there, working on this project. Depending on what it is, he will appear differently, perhaps he’s wearing a painters smock and is working feverishly.

Perhaps he is a programmer surrounded by snacks and sodas half drunk and forgotten as the code slings past his screen like a visual symphony. Or a musical virtuoso curled around their instrument or lost in the majesty of their song.

You will feel yourself fall into this Magician tarot card as your focus comes to fruition.Do not interrupt him, he is in his perfect moment, and all around him is lost to him. But observe his surroundings, his behavior, and look for your message.

It may be some article upon a shelf, it may be a sheet of paper, or two people speaking in the corner. Let yourself become enchanted with the place, with the workshop and it’s perfect expression of it’s purpose.

If the urge fills you, throw yourself into his work, for in this moment the Magician is an avatar of you, in your perfect moment, and thus it is yours to share. You may feel exultation, a sort of buzzing high.

A deep need only scratched by the process, fulfilled only by completion is felt deep inside. There is a message for you in this place, and it will make itself known to you as it draws you to it, a moth to the flame.

There is a time in all of our lives where we enter this moment, and sometimes we need guidance or we’ll miss that opportunity. The joy of our metaphorical hands creating something lasting, something with integrity and time.

This can be found in the crafting of our children as they grow, the creation of a meal that will stick in the memories of our families, or building the foundation of a company or idea that will touch the lives of those around us.

Know that if you are looking for guidance in the magician card tarot meditation, you will find it. It may give you a subtle hint, it may explode like a flower of brilliance, or you may be notified that now is not the time.

When you have found your message, when there is a moment in your meditation when it is time, the Magician may speak to you, may show you something, or dismiss you.

When it is time to go, depart, and be sure to note all the points of significance in your journal. Remember the details, and what drove you and brought you into the meditations tarot meaning.

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