Thursday, August 5, 2021

Tarot Meditation For The Lovers Upright

Associated Colors:

Pink/Red for passion and love

Meditation For The Lovers – Upright

For the tarot meditation on the Lovers tarot card, lay out the cloth and place the card on it, with a candle at the top, the card in the center closest to you, upright.

Focus on the card and let your mind drift, thinking on feelings of passion, excitement, love, and the drive that comes from being thoroughly entranced with someone or thing. As you drift into the place, you will find yourself in a Victorian hedge maze.

Rather than hedges, the walls are covered with beautiful, well-tended roses, and the uncannily fresh air is rich with their fragrance. Quiet music fills the air, and the secret laughter of lovers having a clandestine meaning occasionally drifts through as you begin to wander the hedge.

Coming around a corner you’ll see a sculptor standing in front of a piece of marble, slowly pulling the shape out of it as he works fervently.

His face is a mask of fascination and joy, and he occasionally will stop to admire his work, take another view, and dive back into it.

As you come around another bend, you pass by an archway that draws your eye. Through it you see a large fountain, its center a satyr chasing a maiden, who is forever spilling her vase of water into the fountain trying to escape.

Surrounding the garden are multiple small nooks, in each are couples, or groups of people all engaged in the acts of love. All of them lost in each other in absolute bliss.

As you travel on, you hear the tell-tale rapid fire tapping of a keyboard, and come around the corner to find an author spilling her heart out onto the virtual page. The occasional laughter or mutter as they think out the next scene shows they are lost in their own world.

Another woman comes by and sets a mug of tea on the desk next to them, the writer pauses, leans up, and kisses her partner affectionately, and returns to her work.

Throughout all the air of passion is obvious, each is deeply engrained with joy and excitement in everything they touch. Their works enhance their world, bringing them joy and meaning.

As you walk through the garden, take note of these details, and those that catch your eye most clearly. Is there something in your life right now bringing you great joy and passion?

Are you following your bliss and finding your purpose? If not, perhaps there is a message here for you to pursue in this tarot meditation of the Lovers card.

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