Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Tarot Meditation For Temperance Upright

Associated Colors:

Orange for happiness

Meditation For Temperance – Upright

This tarot meditation on the Temperance card upright focuses on the need for balance in your life. Do not let harmony make you complacent but try to inspire others to achieve equilibrium in their lives.

It is good to dream and fly high when things are going your way. But remember to do everything in moderation so that you don’t have to repent at a later date.

Set up the table with an orange cloth and keep the temperance Major Arcana card upright in front of you. As you begin your meditation, feel the positive effects of this card.

Smile and be drawn to the optimism that this card represents. Do not let your frustrations get to you. Be patient and you will be sure to attract prosperity and happiness.

This tarot meditation on the Temperance card upright focuses on the need for balance in your life.You are sitting at a huge table which has a feast set out for a king. Rich and delicious food fills the table and you are tempted to try out everything, knowing it might make you sick.

You try each item on the table but within your limit as you know that too much of anything will not do you any good.

There are people looking with a fond longing for the food. You call them over and share the feast with them. At the same time you keep warning them to eat slow.

The meal becomes all the more better with the wonderful company you share the meal with. Some of them have brought their own food which they share with you.

Each and everyone at the table eats till their stomachs are full and they are totally satisfied at the same time not overindulging.

Everyone is happy sharing news and laughing at each other’s jokes and anecdotes. Be patient with each of them till they finish eating their desserts.

In so little time, you seem to understand each one of them better and are learning to see life from their point of view. Your understanding and balance is what makes this atmosphere so enjoyable and happy.

Come away from this tarot meditation of the temperance card, satisfied and feeling good about inspiring others to find their goals in life.

Always remember how it felt to be a part of others’ happiness and being the source of balance. You are at peace with yourself and are ready to make the right choices in life.

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