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Do You Know Your Psychic Boundaries?

Know Your Psychic Boundaries

Since conception,  we know about boundaries—the space in our mother’s womb and the limit of our body’s abilities when born. We continuously challenge those boundaries, as it is human nature to see how far we can push. There are many barriers in life: some set by parents, others by society. Similar to physical boundaries, psychic boundaries are just as important. A person who has no boundaries cannot feel secure because anyone can invade their private space and thoughts.

For society and family to thrive, rules are a must-have, they define what is good or bad. It is the same with psychic boundaries: knowing our limits and pushing them further, or setting one so that we are not constantly being harassed or facing harm.


The Invisible Line in Psychic Boundaries

Like all boundaries, the line is invisible. Psychic boundaries can be seen by those who have clairvoyance. It appears as a line of energy. This boundary is more to stop spirits from bothering you all the time. Another boundary is the limit of your psychic ability, and you can expand that boundary with practice.

There are plenty of beings in the world ready to drain you dry, such as psychic vampires who thrive on other people’s energy. The first thing to have is a list of items you want when you create a boundary, such as how wide your personal space is.


Crystals as Protective Barriers

For a beginner, starting a boundary strong enough might be a challenge. Most would use crystals to amplify the protective barrier. Amethyst or quartz are preferred choices for their focusing power. This is the most important psychic barrier before any attempts to become adept at other psychic abilities.

A psychic boundary of protection is usually visualized as a bubble outside of your aura. A protection boundary serves to keep negative energy from attaching and sucking out yours. Setting a psychic boundary identifies yourself as someone who has confidence and a strong sense of identity. Most other psychics recognize different signatures and would usually respect that boundary.


Strong and Weak Barriers

Boundaries in psychic space separate us from other psyches. A strong barrier gives us an identity and mental strength. A weak barrier stops us from guarding our space effectively makes us weak against negative forces, and destroys our sense of self.

You would be susceptible to thoughts like fear and worry, not being able to take risks, or not being able to adapt effectively. In the psychic world, this spells the inability to protect yourself from negative spirits or more dangerous entities.


Creating a Boundary

There are many ways to create a boundary. Everyone has their methods. For a beginner, it is best to try a few ways until you find one that fits and practice until you make it perfect. The common practice is through intent. You have to realize your intention before making the first move.

When you intend to create a boundary, you can use chants or rituals to create one or call upon Spirit Guides to help you make one. Or, if you like visualizing, a mind’s bubble protecting your aura and energy is also a common practice.

Suppose you cannot visualize effectively yet. Salt circles a physical object to help you focus on creating a psychic barrier. Salt is a purification object in the psychic world, and negative spirits are usually unable to cross that barrier.

Telling Spirits

If you are a channeler or a medium, setting boundaries requires an extra step: telling spirits about it. When, where, and how are merely rules that you can set when you are starting to communicate with spirits.

Without boundaries, they can come knocking at your psychic door anytime or place, making it hard for you to have a proper life. Most channelers have visiting hours and places where Spirits know that they are welcome. Imagine having a shop with an open and close sign in your head.

Strengthen The Barrier

Once you have your psychic barrier up, it is time to strengthen it. Most will give it a doorknob on the inside. You can welcome a spirit into your psychic space when you want to or close the door shut when you need some alone time. Having a door means that you can allow a spirit into your space when it comes knocking, and you can unwelcome an unruly spirit.

Practice helping a spirit out of your psychic space or stopping spirits from invading after your boundary is strong enough. If you struggle, call your Guide for help, or use purifying stones to strengthen your aura to push the spirit away. Once you can hold onto your barrier all the time, you can finally move on to developing other abilities.

Psychic Ability

Another psychic boundary is related to your own, like physical ability. We challenge ourselves to be better from birth: learning how to talk and eat, then learning how to play sports. Like physical boundaries, we can expand our psychic boundaries in terms of skill. Practice makes perfect. Finding challenges to refine your psychic abilities can be satisfying.

Learning how to control your abilities can be tricky. It might take months of persistence before you see results. Asking for help from your Guides is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes finding a higher calling is all it takes to expand your skill.

Psychic Senses

There are five psychic senses: clairvoyance, clairaudience,  clairsentience, Clairalience, and clairgustance. Clairalience and clairgustance are senses of psychic smells and psychic taste, which are not as widely discussed as the other psychic senses. As supplementary skills, they provide a piece of additional information from the Spirits.

Very often, a channeler can smell something in the air when a spirit arrives. Not surprisingly, you can taste ‘something bad’ it is usually a troublemaking spirit. Developing all five psychic senses is not impossible. However, it does take time and patience to achieve good control.

Kinetic Abilities in Psychic Boundaries

Besides psychic sense, kinetic abilities such as psychokinesis are skills that you can gain by exploring your boundaries. Psychokinesis is one of the more popular abilities: moving objects with the power of your mind.

There are plenty of abilities waiting for you to find: manipulating body temperature or thoughts is interesting. You can also manipulate your body’s energy to heal itself better. It is not impossible when your power is unexplored. Your Spirit Guide is the best mentor, as it is more experienced with the unknowns.

Relationship With Your Guide

Hence, developing a good relationship with your Guide is a good plan for those who want to challenge their psychic boundaries. It is good to practice the abilities with guidance from those who have gone through the same. They may have useful information you can use in your training.

Do not give up when things seem to plateau. Instead, seek help from those who have walked the path. The main thing is to push the boundaries as hard as possible, even if it means falling over and starting again.

Effect of Psychic Boundaries on Personality

When you know and understand your psychic boundaries, you will become more confident and self-assured. Your boundaries are part of who you are as a person and a healthy boundary protects you from negativity and allows you to grow as an individual.


Once having a clear line becomes second nature, respect will usually follow. People and beings will often learn to respect your needs, which will help with relationships and other cooperative efforts.

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