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Queen of Cups Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Queen of Cups tarot card, like all Queens of the Minor Arcana, rules over her Suit and the realm it represents.

She is calm, secure, and loving, and sits upon her throne at the edge of the sea. Her cup represents her thoughts, closed and introspective. She is deeply intuitive, and can represent a counselor or psychic.


Mature Woman • Feminine Wisdom • Spiritual • Loving • Intuitive • Emotional Security • Psychic

Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Upright

The Queen of Cups is a deeply intuitive woman who knows her way around relationships. She always knows just the right thing to say.queen of cups

She is able to be sensitive and compassionate even in the most difficult of situations. She is deeply interested in the well-being of others, and can shepherd the emotions of others with skill.

Queen of Cups upright stands for balance and accord, in addition to high accomplishments aided by utilizing imagination. You are extremely imaginative, artistically talented, loving and romantic in attitude.

Your surrounding things and people around you influence you quite easily. You boast of high maturity levels that come handy in taking appropriate and timely decisions.

You tend to do extremely well in metaphysical aspects. You also have a tendency to act secretive or sensual. You are very comfortable with your own image. Queen of Cups upright may also represent love as well as a happy marriage for you.

Past Events:

The past few months have been a difficult time, but you have handled it quiet well. Intuition and love have guided you, and you’ve been doing a very good job of thinking with your heart, and it is exactly what was called for.

Present Events:

This tarot card from the Minor Arcana in the present position represents that your current circumstances require you to abandon logic and reason.

Instead trust in intuition and emotional wisdom to guide your handling of it. This can indicate that this is an excellent time to work on spiritual pursuits, especially those calling on guidance.

Future Events:

In the coming days a mature woman will arrive who will take a major role in resolving a difficult situation present in your life. When she arrives, she will resolve the disputes and settle over the hurts and difficulties present within it.

Yes/No Interpretation:

Yes, things are as nuts as they seem and it’s time for you to let go of the pretense that things are operating within logical bounds. Instinct will serve you better than knowledge through this.

Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed

The Queen of Cups reversed represents introspection gone too far. When one looks further and further within, eventually one can close down and lose touch even with that which they observe.queen of cups reversed

Rather than dealing with your emotions, you are instead turning towards the path of pure logic, trying to ‘reason’ with your emotions. Alternately, your emotions may be out of control. They are being too deeply invested in the situation you’re dealing with, and causing undue difficulty in working with it.

Queen of Cups, in the reversed position, stands for someone who is a dreamer and is not trustworthy. You are pretty fickle-minded and prone to change your views without any basis or good reason.

You love to let loose your imagination and scale great heights in your dream world. You may bring devastation to others as you run to fulfill some redundant fantasy of yours. Ethics and principles don’t hold any meaning to you.

You are a superficial person with very little honor. You also have a superiority complex. Under the influence of these vices, you are an immoral person who should be trusted at one’s own risk.

Past Events:

It’s been quite difficult to deal with the situation that’s been surrounding you. You’ve found that your emotions have been out of control, and that you’ve been raging at people rather than reasoning.

Instead of healing, you find that your words tend to cut right to the bone and cause harm. It’s been a hard road, and has set up the situation you’re now in.

Present Events:

Alright your majesty, you need to take a moment to actually deal with all those emotions you’ve been bottling up. The anger and hurt you feel are justified.

They must be handled tenderly and healed if you expect them to go away eventually. This tarot card being present speaks of your need to be deeper in touch with your emotions, while handling them responsibly.

Future Events:

Take care, the Queen is coming. She is in her wrath, and will take her petty vindictiveness out on those who come in reach. She will be unavoidably a part of the situation you find yourself in. Take care in dealing with her, or you’ll feel her wrath.

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Yes/No Interpretation:

No, you really aren’t faultless, it’s time to accept what is your fault and what you’ve been bottling away. Holding them in is serving no one.

Astrological Association:

Zodiac Signs for Queen of Cups are Gemini and Cancer

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