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Does Purple Indicate Good Feng Shui?

Meaning Of Purple Color in Feng Shui

When redesigning a room in your house,  the color purple may be a good option for you. The color in shades and each shade can represent different traits. So purple, being a mystical color, is linked to religion and spirituality in Feng Shui. Shades of lilac and lighter purples tend to be more calming and bring about tranquility.


#1. Associated Traits for the Colour Purple in Feng Shui

In the art of Feng Shui, color is followed by certain traits. The traits attributed to the purple color range in this regal color’s shades, but primarily it symbolizes nobility, regality, power, and wealth.

Other traits it can symbolize are abundance, prosperity, tranquility, and mystery. Dark purple, especially when used in excess, normally represents strictness, loneliness, mourning, and even arrogance.

Understanding that each shade has its symbolism while making decisions about which shade you should use when buying paint or buying items to accentuate/complement chi in a room, especially a meditation room.


#2. A Brief History of the Colour Purple

In Western thought, purple is related to royalty, mysticism, and wealth. This could be because of the link to how the color is said in Christianity.

One will normally see the color purple during the Passion of the Christ (Christ is viewed as King of the Jews, enforcing the idea of purple and holiness as well as royalty.) In the old tapestries and many fairy tales, the King’s cape is normally red or purple, with white fur lining the edges.

Purple Dye

However, there is a reason behind this. According to the Smithsonian, the purple dye came from sea snails that the Romans in Ancient Rome harvested.

The Phoenicians (like this being named “land of purple” due to the dye) would harvest these snails by the thousands and boil them, extracting the mucous from the snails, which would turn purple.

This dye was expensive and became a color of status during these times, only until the 1850s when a young chemist accidentally made the first-ever synthesized dye from tree bark in South Africa. Thank goodness for him, or else we might have lost all the snails in the sea!


#3. A Lighter Shade of Purple

The lighter shades of purple, like lilac, lavender, and so on, stand for sensuality, intimacy, and seductiveness. When used in a bedroom, the color can help amplify desire and create a romantic atmosphere.

Due to its calming effect, purple’s lighter shades are great for meditation rooms since they also promote personal growth and spiritual enhancement.

As well, lighter shades of purple, when used in a child’s room, can help expand their imagination and improve their health when painted on the eastern wall. I painted on the northeast wall. Children will also grow in their ability to concentrate.


#4. Positive Vibes

Purple in Feng Shui is the most positive of all colors since it emits positive energy. So, this is a good color to paint any room, except for the kitchen and bathroom.

If you paint your front door purple, the positive energy will flow through your house into all the rooms. Since purple is also a color of wealth and power, you can gain extra prestige when painting any south wall.

When wearing purple, good luck and wealth will come your way. But If it is in the marketing or banking business, wearing purple is said to increase your luck and lead you into the path of wealth.

#5. Darker Shades of Purple Feng Shui

As mentioned, dark shades of purple, when used in excess, can give off the impression that you are strict, foreboding, lonely, and mourning.

However, if used in moderation, like an accent wall or an area rug, the darker shades emit mystical energy linked to magic, mystery, and luxury.

#6. Items and Moderation

It is said that since purple is such a vibrant color (associated with the fire element), it is better to use it in moderation. Using items instead of a full-blown house makeover can positively redirect chi and emit the right chi for the desired traits.

Items such as art, pillows, blankets, vases, flowers, and dishes can contribute to success, prosperity, tranquility, and more.

#7. No Purple in the Kitchen or Bathroom

You shouldn’t have purple in either your bathroom or kitchen because of the flow of chi and the elements represented in these rooms.

Purple represents the element of fire and promotes success. Bathrooms have showers, tubs, sinks, and toilets, which all drain away waste.

In Feng Shui, toilets are considered problematic since they tend to flush away all types of opportunities and are linked to financial loss if the lid is left open and if the bathroom is not properly taken care of.

Should you use purple in the bathroom?

So, if you were to add purple to a bathroom, the fire would be doused by the water element found in all the fixtures. The positive energy from the color purple would also be flushed/drained away, and any financial or prosperous endeavors would wash away with it.

Also, the color purple’s vibrancy would take away from the calming nature of the tub/shower and sink, which are viewed as more rejuvenating.

Purple in the kitchen has similar problems, but it mostly depends on the location of your kitchen. So if you have a southern, southeastern, or southwestern kitchen, purple is fine.

You would need to take caution with purple in the more northern and western kitchens since they are linked more closely to metal, earth, and water elements.

purple in Feng shui

If you are using purple in a “fire” kitchen, use it in moderation. Make sure it is purple with more red than blue, to accentuate the fire element.

Purple Color in Feng Shui: Conclusion

Overall, looking at the color purple and seeing how this color is symbolic in Feng Shui’s art can be a huge help when you are redecorating your home, cottage, or personal space. The different shades needed for moderation show how color is a powerhouse. Special care is needed when using it.

Bagua shows the different locations of each room and can help with other Feng Shui projects that may prompt use. The color purple is an accent piece or to balance with some other things.

To find prosperity, success, and wealth, it is always good to keep the color purple in mind. When adding it to your wardrobe, it emits fiery energy and promotes good luck for those who wear it. Wearing lilac or lavender can also create intimacy with significant others with soothing colors.

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