Ace of Cups – Meanings & Interpretation – Minor Arcana

Ace of Cups Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Ace of Cups tarot card represents some of the most important beginnings in the Minor Arcana. Those of the heart and family. Expansion of the heart can include a spiritual beginning or a journey of the consciousness into greater experiences.

It is the expansion of intuition, or even vision. It can represent the blossoming of a creative time of your life as well, or just a transition or healing of an old rivalry.


Good Karma • Love • Spiritual Fulfillment • Contemplation • New Hope • Birth • Happiness

Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Upright

Water cleanses, you know, washes dirt away, makes new. The Ace of Cups upright is a new beginning in your life, the beginning of a journey down a path of intuition, love, and emotion. ace of cups

No matter how this manifests, it will be your heart that drives you. It’s time to experience new love, and to let old hurts wash away.

Ace of Cups upright stands for a new start-in your existence, romance or journey. You will begin certain innovative or artistic ventures.

You should trust your feelings and let your emotions direct you. Your unconscious mind will shower you with all the optimistic and positive powers. It is entirely on your shoulders how well you can direct this power into some innovative ventures or in your relationships.

For a single person, Ace of Cups upright signifies a new romantic alliance. If you are already going steady in a relationship but are missing that spark, worry no more as it is the renewal time for your relationship when that much needed zing will be added!

This card may also correspond to spirituality and you are sure to feel spiritually content.

Past Events:

It’s been an amazing beginning, hasn’t it? Your heart has been flying fresh and new, and the weight of loneliness and old aches has been flushed. You’ve been living in the light of this new time of emotional openness and joy, and it’s been wonderful!

Present Events:

It’s upon you, and it’s real. If you’ve been wondering if these feelings you have are just twitterpation or actual love, rest assured that what you’re feeling is the beginning of something deeply meaningful. Embrace it and nurture it, it will be one of the more significant relationships of your life.

Future Events:

The future holds a new beginning for you, and it will be a long awaited one. It will emblazon your heart and spirit, and wash away hurts of the past. You’ll find yourself on the beginning of a long path of emotional and spiritual growth, and it may very well change your life!

Yes/No Interpretations:

Yes, the thing you hope for is certainly going to come to pass. Revel in the joys of this moment, it’s as real as you think it is!

Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed

The Ace of Cups is inverted, and all those emotions are pouring out in a torrent. With no control on them you may find yourself overcome and crippled by jags of crying.ace of cups reversed

Like water that can wash away the dirt and grime, it can also be destructive if unleashed in too great of quantities. The overall lesson of the Ace of Cups card reversed of the Rider Waite deck is emotion out of balance.

Ace of Cups in the reversed position symbolizes you to be someone who is somewhat egoistic by nature and is hesitant to accept matters of the heart.

In your work or life, you will find that things are getting stuck somewhere and are refusing to move forward. As a result, you will feel hopeless and suffer from low self-esteem.

There would also be anguish in the air surrounding you. You will either face failure in the matters of heart or may feel head over heals for someone who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. All these will torment you a lot at the emotional level. For you, this is possibly the time of isolation, either physical or mental in nature.

Past Events:

You’ve been holding onto your pain, not quite letting it go. This isn’t the healthy way to deal with this grief, and sharing it with others is the only way to let it go. Whatever the source of it, you’ve held onto it too long. Healing begins by excising the wound.

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Present Events:

It’s difficult, and it feels like the pain will never stop. It comes pouring in waves and torrents, and every moment is filled with its pressure on you. It’s time to damn it up and start working through it, rather than letting it rule you.

Future Events:

The pain you are dealing with currently is going to overcome you if you don’t get help dealing with it. It will cause you to bottle it up and tighten it down, and it will live within you like a worm squatting within an apple. Look for assistance in working through it and venting it.

Yes/No Interpretation:

No, it won’t last forever, and it’s not going to come to pass again, it’s time to let it fall from your hands and go on.

Astrological Association:

Zodiac Signs for Ace of Cups are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

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