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What Are Runes?

What are Runes?

Runes are based on an ancient Germanic alphabet system. They are used for divination purposes. Runes are an oracle from which you can seek advice. They work best if your questions are specific and clear. Rune’s answers are sometimes obscure, as they guide you towards the path to gain the answers for yourself.

The rune caster is there to interpret the stones for you, but the overall solutions must come from you alone. No one can tell you what to do with your life, that is your responsibility. The rune caster can only advise you as to which direction you need to take.

Fortune Telling

Rune casting is not “fortune-telling”. Rune casting works deeply with the subconscious. The runic symbols represent the entire universe. As you pose a question, your conscious and unconscious mind is focused on that question. The runes you select are not random selections, but rather choices made by your subconscious. The runes you select give you the means of analyzing the question you have asked and finding a likely outcome. The future is not fixed, it has not happened yet, so you can change it. It changes with everything you do.


When I do a rune cast I ask the recipient to think of their question. I then pass them the pouch containing the rune stones. I direct them to ‘play’ with the rune stones, letting them roll through their fingers. As they do this I ask them to ask the rune stones their question.

I emphasize the fact that the question should be asked in the recipient’s head, as they are asking the rune stones, not me. This is also to ensure that the interpretation I give of the rune stones is not influenced by the question. I also informed the recipient that the rune stones would not answer with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. I tell them that if this were the case then there would only be two stones in the pouch.


I make sure they understand that the answers will be in the form of guidance and to show them which paths they need to take, or which ways they need to be thinking to gain the answers they require.

The recipient is then asked to take some rune stones from the pouch and let them ‘cast’ in the area being used for the rune cast (a table, the floor, etc.). I informed them that they would be guided as to how many runes would be needed to formulate the answer (each person will take a different amount of rune stones from the pouch).


Once the runes have been cast I start my reading. I tell the recipient the meaning of the rune stones as defined by the symbols and positions they are in.

Some people do not seem to comprehend your interpretations and it is therefore sometimes required to go through the meanings of the rune stones with them again. To do this you have to ask the recipient what their question was and interpret this question into the meaning of the rune stones chosen. Of course, the recipient is under no obligation to tell you their question, the choice is theirs. Once the reading is completed the rune stones should be returned to their pouch, ready for the next recipient.

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