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10 Feng Shui Decoration Tips For Good Vibes

How Can Feng Shui Decoration Tips Bring Good Luck?

Feng Shui is an ancient Eastern practice that is founded on philosophy. The purpose of this philosophy is to align your environment with yours so that it becomes a reflection. All admire some Feng Shui decoration tips. In essence, your energy is harmonized in your home. Feng Shui is reflected in what you place in your home, the arrangement as well as the maintenance.


The underlying understanding is that there is energy in every object, whether animate or inanimate, and this energy can be guided to flow through your home.

Feng Shui Decoration For A Lovely Prosperous Home

#1.Relation to Shapes, Seating, and Spacing

It is preferred for your sofa to be placed against the wall that is the farthest point from the entrance door. But it should be at a position that has a clear view of the door, provided there are some inches between the wall and the sofa for air displacement.

#2.Where there is no wall

If a wall is not present, it can be done by placing the sofa with an outstanding lamp. This will give the setting a fuller sense of security, and if a mirror is placed on the opposite side, you will have a full view of what goes on behind you. It offers a feeling of protection.


Common mistakes to be avoided include placing the seating against the wall or leaving disproportional space between your couch and the nearest chair.

#3. Seat Proximity

An intimate arrangement makes people feel invited, and if this is what you want, you can give it a go. The major point is that while furniture needs to be closed, it should not end up cluttered. A surface should be provided for each seat such that a book or a glass can rest on it. This is surely more welcoming.


#4. Flow Is Important for Feng Shui Decoration

As you go across space, the arrangement should be such that it makes it impossible to hit any of the furniture. The sofa should not have its back to the entrance as you step into the room. For walkways, make sure that they are clear as well and free of impediments.

#5. Coffee Tables

A circular shape for a coffee table feels good and is preferable to oval or square ones, allowing energy to move freely. This also ensures that sharp angles aren’t pointing at anyone. Circles are wonderful for coffee tables. A mix of shapes, on the whole, is considered fitting.


Squares easily represent the earth; rectangles are fit for wood, and triangles are fit for fire. Metals fit well for round and oval objects. The combination of all shapes makes the living room balanced and accommodating.

#6. The Colors, Clutter, and Windows

Covering the living room is an optional decision. One needs to take as quite a several people love to look outside while others prefer some privacy.

It will be wise to drape your window directly opposite your entrance door, which can make the energy dissipate if left open. A reflective plant pot is also a good alternative to place by the window to have the energy ricocheted into the room.

Sometimes, you need to grapple with an unseemly sight of rusty metals on your neighbor’s wall, and where this occurs, you can divert attention with a crystal design by the window to reflect the energy. A crystal with a multifaceted design will fit in.

#7. TV in the Living Room

Feng Shui makes room for yin or private spaces in the living room or bedroom. In the public space, a TV is acceptable, but it becomes the point of focus. An alternative arrangement can be made to have the TV in an enclosure such that it can be shit up when the occasion demands. It is okay for family spaces to have an ottoman in place of a coffee table to be more children-friendly.

#8. Living Room and Lighting

Lighting helps to activate energy, keeping dark corners at bay. Having enough light sources makes the living room well-lit. Feng Shui highlights the idea that with dark spaces, certain areas of your life are neglected. Rich colors are saturated and great. In public, red is considered invigorating. But Eggplants and deep blue are energizing, and as items of beauty, they convey meaning when you surround yourself with them.

#9. Instant-Living Room Trick

It is wise to beat the clutter and narrow your choices to what you love. Use a bookshelf and weave your collections into it as you grow and make your way through life. Your favorites should occupy a position of prominence. When you walk in, you can see what enlivens you and splashes joy in your living space.

#10. Cleanliness and Orderliness

It is important to avoid neglecting your living space, and you will notice how untidy some dining rooms are with kids’ stuff, mail, and books. Some homes have very untidy rooms and are hardly well-kept.

If the rooms are not used for meals, then some others can use them. A pot of plants can infuse some energy as you will need to put it in water.

 Kitchen and Dining Room

Since we process nutrition in the kitchen and the dining room, they must be well looked at and spiced with formal décor. But if these spaces should be made to reflect.

Crystal Chandelier

When Feng Shui works well with nickel, brass, crystals, or other reflective metals, a crystal chandelier is a great style if it merges with your style idea. For rooms that already have reflective sources, use linen or warm wood to calm the space.


Placing items of the correct size in your living space is important in Feng Shui. Thus, no one feels edged in around you, there is a need for enough room to move around and pull out the chairs.

Common Things to Avoid as Decoration in Feng Shui

Anything that fissures the light on a particular spot is not in accord with Feng Shui. Allow energy to move across space. Do not let it concentrate on a given direction. Exclusive spots are welcome but do not leave any area dark and unattended.

Using a Rug

Feng Shui accommodates a range of ideas and rugs, that fit in quite well. They make your living space more accommodating and open for conversations.

Dining Room Tables

Tables with square edges or rectangular finishing are okay and fit for your dining room. No one is likely to sit at the extremes as they would at a coffee table.

You can choose an oval or a circular table if this suits your style sense. But wood is a warm choice and widely admired for its solidity. Glass finishing can convey tension if another glass hits it.

In Feng Shui, you cannot neglect areas or end up losing them. If you are not eating at your dining table, use it for some crafting or gaming.

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