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Ankh Symbolism: Value Your Progress

What Does An Ankh Symbolize?

The ankh symbolism represents life itself. In ancient times it was used for writing. So, from a broad perspective, it shows the importance of life. Everything that you do has a direct connection with your life. Additionally, you have to take care of yourself and do everything right to prevent confusion that may mislead your dreams. Keep forging for something you are sure will assist you in making strides in the right way. You have to give your best when you know of the rewards ahead.


Furthermore, ankh can be an essential part of your goals. Getting it inclining on your line will be giving you the confidence to conquer many things in your life. You have to be strong in your faith and have the right mentality to keep your life healthy. Nothing important can happen if you are not leaning toward something that will boost your life. Self-evaluation is important to reflect if you are heading in the right way in your life. Importantly, you live a healthy lifestyle that will be accruing in the right way.


What Is The True Meaning Of The Ankh Symbolism Cross?

Life is everything as per the symbolism of saints. When it comes to the Ankh cross, it becomes more precious. You have to do everything it takes to secure your life and make it admirable. Go beyond the limiting beliefs and see that you have the right kind of life. Nothing should block you from making success part and parcel of you. Think positive and avert to something you are sure will make your future to be bright. Maintain a high standard of life.


Is The Ankh Good Luck?

Ankh shows good luck. When you wear it as a charm, it provides protection and attracts the right things in your path. Hence, when you spot it, you don’t have to worry; keep believing that you have the chance to live up to your expectations. But, working smart is not an option; go beyond the doubts and make your life the best version. It will uplift your courage, passion, and determination. Trust your abilities and imagination of a great future with connections to the ankh symbolism.


Everything that you put your effort into it has to be of direct benefit. Once you understand the benefits of the charm, you will go far. It gives you the confidence and the willingness to find success in life. So, you look forward to an avenue in which you will explore all your potential and achieve success. Manifestations of abundance will come when you have something better for yourself.

Ankh Symbolism And Meanings

The Ankh is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic. Commonly known by a variety of names, including “breath of life,” “the key of the Nile,” and the Latin crux ansata, meaning “cross with a handle,” the ankh read as “life” in the ancient Egyptian language. This symbol symbolizes many things. But its original purpose was to illustrate the concept of life being eternal. It was in this way a holy and divine symbol.

The Egyptian gods are often portrayed with the ankh to this day, carrying it by its loop. Other variations depict the deities holding one in each hand with arms crossed over the chest. Considering this, it’s clear that the ankh was a religious symbol that reflected and encouraged pluralism. All religious sects unite together under the common belief of a cyclical and eternal life.

The ankh symbolic meaning represents tolerance and acceptance. This is why it was adopted into much broader use in the modern-day. It reminded twentieth-century people that ancient Egypt’s same common courtesy ethics should still apply thousands of years later.

Ankh Symbolism

Ankh Symbol – History

The exact history of the ankh is unknown but has been a frequent topic of discussion among historians and Egyptologists for a long time. This Egyptian symbol has been frequently found in tomb paintings and other ancient art forms found in excavations. In these works of art, the ankh often lies at the fingertips of the gods and goddesses who represent the afterlife.

Through research, this has been interpreted as a confirmation of the gift of life being presented to the dead person’s mummy by the deities of the afterlife. Because of this obsession with the afterlife, the ankh was a frequent symbol used in funerals.

Pharaohs, who often thought of themselves as nearly equal to the gods (divine right), were also in possession of this symbol in the artwork. Although this leads us to believe that it was somewhat of a powerful symbol, limited to those who rose above a certain social status, that is not the case.

Egyptians also carried ankhs as amulets because it would bring them good luck in personal strength and health. Mirrors in the shape of an ankh have also been found in old dwellings, as well. It is unclear whether they are using it merely for decorative purposes or if people believed it provided them with the perception of another world.

Ankh Symbolism And Tarot Symbolic Meanings

The historical popularity of the ankh symbol throughout the ages allowed it to integrate seamlessly into the wisdom of the Tarot. In this mystical belief system, the ankh represents seeing via a new view. This view could be focusing on a variety of subjects, both larger and smaller picture in regards to life. It could incorporate the large theme of a constantly moving life or refer to taking a step onto a new pathway.

These ideas stemmed from the physical composition of the ankh symbolism. The loop on the top of the symbol represents the sun’s orb, while the horizontal line descending from it signifies its horizon on the Earth. It is this contract that sustains our lives and ensures that our sustenance will continue.

Like the mirrors found in Egyptian dwellings, that Tarot interpretation of the ankh addresses the idea of the loop representing a portal to other dimensions – a link to other “worlds.” In this way, it can be deemed a key that unlocks other realms, particularly that of the dead. This seems contradictory, as its literal translation means “life.”

ankh symbol

However, groups that use this symbol undoubtedly recognize the duality and interconnectedness of life and death. Besides, the above-mentioned themes certainly represent the status quo of Ankh symbolism schools of thought. But this sign can also represent other spiritual themes, including protection, honor, a sacred covenant, and the obtainment of higher-level wisdom. Like all symbols, the ankh has many historical implications. However, this does not mean that the symbol cannot have unique and personal symbolism for you and you only.


Ankh symbolism is something that should motivate you to enrich your mind and build on your abilities. So, you have to embrace the symbols as the main things that can change your life. Its significance in bringing out the best version of life makes it an idea for Christians to work in that direction. Thus, you have to keep making your life better and let your goals guide you toward getting life rewards. You have to believe in the ankh symbolism as it will help you make choices that will boost your attitude towards the right way.

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